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'Lost Respect For Him' - Daughter Files Case Against Father For Cheating In LUDO Game.

Date: 2020-09-27 17:01:59

By TabloidXO

A 24-year-old woman (Rajani) from Bhopal filed a case against her father in a Bhopal Family Court, stating that her father cheated with her while they were playing a game of Ludo.

She said that, she trusted her father so much that she does not expect dishonesty from him, but father cheating with her has hurted her feelings badly and therefore she wants to file a case in the Family Court.

She supposes that her father should have lost to her in order to make her happy.

Rajani also said that her father defeated her several times only to provoke her and even she has stopped addressing him as father.

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Well, we understand family opinions of every member may differ but incidents like these makes us wonder how we take things so seriously even when it is not.

After the case went into the family court, the court instead arranged 4 counseling sessions for her. They claim she is feeling good and positive after 4 counseling.

The family court counselor said that one must understand to learn how to accept defeat, as it is as important as claiming victory.


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