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Shaved Or Unshaved? Girls, Feel Comfortable In Your Shorts Even If You Have Not Waxed For Months.

Date: 2020-04-20 16:57:55

By Manveen

shave on not to shave girls
Source: Malaika Arora

Why unshaved legs/hands/armpits cannot be a fashionable? Why it's a big deal if a women flaunts armpits hair. Didn't you heard beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

Once upon a time, humans were functioning as they do now. Some were baking bread, some were fighting dictatorships. Some were writing sonnets, some were questioning the skies. Everybody was existing and functioning. Rich women were having fun, poor ones were trudging through life. All in all, the world was as crappy a place as it is now. One fine day, some genius thought to herself, oh! How about women begin to remove body hair! Thus, our doom began.

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To cut the long chase short, women had hair and they were okay with till some point in history. That clearly means having body hair was normal. Till the time women began to remove hair, nobody would have actually had an issue with that. Men have hair, as do women. EVERYBODY HAS HAIR!

At some point, a group of women decided to make hair-free skin fashion. Pretty sure, it would have faced criticism and judgment from many backs then. Similarly, if a bunch of women makes it fashion. It will spread at the rate of the pandemic as well (is it too soon to make pandemic jokes?). Say if Kylie Jenner decided to grow hair and posts even two photos, it will become a global phenomenon. If her bunch of friends and family, including Kendall, Kim, Gigi, and Bella joins the same, all the salons will run out of business. We live in the influencer age, they have the power to bring a change like that.

shave on not to shave girls
Source: Kylie Jenner Instagram

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The point is, all these years of consumption of cinema, sitcoms, and narratives have convinced us that beauty is dependent on certain things. Hair free skin is one of them. Leave beauty, your feminity is questioned first. That is not a cool thing, no?

But if the same source convinces us otherwise, we will believe that as well. If you give it a thought, it is basically the amount of power we have vested with others that we let them decide the norms for us. On a personal note, did you think what is it that you actually want? If the society told you nothing, what would you be? A much free person. That sounds as comforting as a sea breeze. The sea breeze is always welcome, as should this change be.


We don't know if Kylie will ever do this, but boy, can we not hope? Meanwhile, can we begin the change ourselves? Can we learn to be okay in our skin despite what has been fed to us? Can we accept body hair? One day an egg rose to challenge Kylie Jenner, who knows it could be your armpit hair next?


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