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Dearest Uncle And Aunties, Doing Makeup Is Absolutely Cool. And Even If It Is Not, We Never Asked For Your Opinion.

Date: 2019-07-05 09:38:29

By Manveen

It's funny how the entire Indian nation swoons over celebrities and fantasies over Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt and yet people would not hesitate even for a second before shaming a girl for liking makeup and calling her fake or made up. So folks, what do you think which makes Deepika Padukone look so hot? What is it that makes Alia Bhatt's cuteness stand out?

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Well, if you did not know till now, it is this thing called "MAKE UP", yes the same blush and rouge that you slut shamed your classmate over, that exact one. The red lipstick that looked hot on Katrina Kaif but made your neighbor's daughter look like a slut, was it the lipstick, was it her face or was it your unwanted opinion?

Slut, tramp, wench, whore, bimbo, prostitute, etc, etc, there are so many words to shame a woman but how many words do you have for boys? Are they even cool on social media? Do they even exist? Or do they remotely happen to be taken as an insult and no badge of honor because when Desi boys came, how many of those boys changed their Instagram handles to Rocco and Hunter?



Why is it that women are constantly shamed for their likes and dislikes, for their lifestyle choice?

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Short clothes one, make up another, fashion third, love fourth and the list goes on and on. If what is vice for women then how can that be a virtue for your sons?

Listen, it is as simple as this, vice is vice and virtue is a virtue and if you think otherwise, then book yourself a ticket to whichever planet gives visa to scumbags because we are done with your misogyny and double standards.


If a girl wears makeup to the office, then she is trying to push it, she is trying to woo some random hypothetical man in her office that neither you have an idea about nor any business with but, let's just say one day you have to shame her family about something so you should have some content that you can misuse over them, you end up judging the girl. But Aunty, our question to you is then why do you spend hours in a parlour before any wedding that you attend?



Last time we checked you were married and clearly, your husband has seen you with and without makeup and if it has come for you to sit and judge girls half your age, then clearly there is not enough attention for you back at home, so our question to you is who is this man in those weddings that you are trying to woo?


Whom are you dressing up so much for? What's with those fancy flowers in your hair?

If our skirts are slutty, then what are those tacky flowers in your buns are doing?

Now, think!


(No one is here to impress guys or girls, it's just what make us feel good about it and if that makes us happy then why you have to feel jealous?) #SpreadPositivity


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