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'Double Dholki' To Cry Baby', Fans Reaction To Nikki Tamboli & Rahul Vaidya Fight.

Date: 2020-11-04 00:57:28

By Srishti

With tension rising in the Bigg Boss 14 house because of a nomination process this week, the housemates and the viewers of a show have been divided into two groups after a fight between Rahul Vaidya and Nikki Tamboli.

nikki tamboli rahul vaidya
Source: Colors

This might not come as a surprise for many because they had actually fought a lot in the earlier episodes as well. Although this fight made Rahul cry and made Nikki the villain in the eyes of the rest of the contestants.

And maybe outside too!

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The fight kicked off when during the task Nikki hides the oxygen mask under her track pants to save herself from nominations, while for some might have been a smart move, but for some, it is a very cheap and dirty move that she played. Ever since the promo of this fight and the episode showcasing their fight has telecasted Twitter has been divided into two groups, one group is supporting Nikki and the other are shaming her for hiding the mask under her pants.

nikki tamboli rahul vaidya
Source: Colors

While some viewers have come out in support of what Nikki did to save herself the contestants of the show cannot stop telling her what a dirty move, she played to get herself saved.

#WeSupportNikki started trending on Twitter at number 11.

In her support, some said "Contestants previously hide materials in their >clothes is okay? But if Nikki Tamboli does it, she is wrong as usual."

Another user said: "We support Nikki, she played smartly here. Rahul used manpower and Nikki used her brain, >she has to win it by hook or crook to save herself from nominations."

One user even said: "Rahul behaving like a cry baby. He can't digest defeat"

Such tweets have been trending and people are coming out in support of what she did was fine.

nikki tamboli bigg boss 14
Source: Colors


While on the other hand, many people are also criticizing her and tweeted, "What she did is wrong in such a case Rahul could have also touched her pants and pulled the mask out, that could make him easily win but if he had done that, he would have been bashed by everyone."

One of Rahul fan said Nikki "Double dholki", the user continued by saying "Nikki itna gir sakte hai ek task ke liye god knows age kya kya kar sakti hai."

rahul vaidya bigg boss
Source: Colors

Some people call Nikki's move smart while some call it cheap and very wrong but in the end what matters is that through the tasks that Bigg Boss give reveals contestants real side and the real character of the contestants are brought out and as a viewer of the show while Nikki might have thought of this move as something she did only to save herself, Rahul, on the other hand, did handle the situation smartly while things could go south and end up badly.

While Jasmine and other contestants (apart from Naina Singh, Rahul Vaidya, Shardul Pandit ,Rubina Diliak) continues to stay in the green zone.

You can check out the video below:


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