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How Much You Know About Rama's Life, & Ramayana? Take This Quiz.

Date: 2020-10-29 15:52:04

By Srishti

All of us during our childhood have heard the story of Ramayana and our grandparents and elders in the family have made sure we know why we celebrate Diwali and how good always win over evil. Ramayana plays a very special place in the Hindu religion.

Well, let's see how much you actually know about Ramayana. We have made general knowledge questions with answers on Ramayana. Let's see how well versed you are with this quiz.

Ques 1. How many brothers did Ram have?

a. 1.

b. 3 (Answer).

c. 5.

d. 7.

Ques 2. Who was Hanuman's son?

a. Angad (Answer).

b. Lakshman.

c. Kumaran.

d. Dashrath.

Ques 3. Why did Sita step out of the Lakshman Rekha?

a. Because she wanted to pet a rabbit.

b. Because she has to give a sadhu, beeksha. (Answer)

c. To pluck flowers.

d. Because she saw a deer.

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Ques 4. How many siblings did Ravan have?

a. 1.

b. 2.

c. 3 (Answer).

d. 4.

Ques 5. What is the name of Ram's army?

a. Vanar Sena (Answer)

b. Ram ke sena

c. Sena Ayodhya

d. Hanuman ke sena

Ques 6. How did Hanuman's tail catch fire?

a. Lit it with a burning torch.

b. Covered it with a cloth, then lit it on fire. (Answer)

c. Threw petrol on it and then lit it on fire.

d. Lit it with a matchbox.

Ques 7. Why did Ravan capture Sita?

a. Because he wanted Sita to become his wife.

b. Because his brother wanted to marry Sita.

c. Because he was intrigued by her beauty.

d. Because he wanted revenge against Ram. (Answer)

Ques 8. What was written on the stones that were used to make the Ram Setu?

a. Ram (Answer)

b. Ravan

c. Lakshman

d. Sita

Ques 9. How did Lanka catch fire?

a. Ravan burnt it down.

b. Kumkaran got angry and burnt it.

c. Hanuman's tail was on fire and it burnt it down. (Answer)

d. Sita burnt it down so that she could escape.

Ques 10. What is the name of the Jadi Buti that Hanuman carried to save Lakshman?

a. Vijaysar Beejaka.

b. Chitrak Mool Plumbago.

c. Sanjeevni Booti (Answer).

d. Laghu Nariyal.

Ques 11. What was the name of Ram's sons?

a. Lava and Kusha (Answer).

b. Indrajit and Vishnu.

c. Angad and Jambavan.

d. Shravan and Malyavan.


Ques 12. Whose daughter was Sita?

a. King Nishadha.

b. King Pundarika.

c. King Devanika.

d. King Janaka (Answer).

Ques 13. What was Ram and Lakshman's mother's name?

a. Kaikeyi.

b. Kunti.

c. Kausalya (Answer).

d. Mandodari.

Ques 14. Who sent Ram to exile?

a. Dasharath.

b. Kaikeyi (Answer).

c. Bharata.

d. Manthara.

Ques 15. Which ashram did Ram, Sita, and Lakshman stay in?

a. Valmiki Ashram.

b. Shabari.

c. Sage Bharadwaj Ashram (Answer).

d. Lanka.

Ques 16. What was Lakshman's wife's name?

a. Sumitra.

b. Mandodari.

c. Kausalya.

d. Urmila (Answer).

Ques 17. Which kingdom did Ram belong to?

a. Kasi Kingdom.

b. Kekeya Kingdom.

c. Ayodhya Kingdom (Answer).

d. Videha Kingdom.

Ques 18. Where did Sita stay after being abducted by Ravan?

a. Gandhara.

b. Ashok Vatika (Answer).

c. Heheya.

d. Kishkindha.

Ques 19. What was Kaikeyi's maid servant's name?

a. Sumitra.

b. Manthara (Answer).

c. Urmila.

d. Kunti.

Ques 20. Who wrote the first Ramayana?

a. Molla.

b. Madhava Kandali.

c. Chanda Jha.

d. Valmiki (Answer).

Ques 21. Lakshman is considered to be the incarnation of whom?

A. Lord Vishnu.

B. Sheshnag (Answer).

C. Lord Shiva.

D. Lord Brahma.

Now you know much about it, play our next quiz on Ramayana. Let us know how many you got right.


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