10 Things People Who Are Highly Emotional Would Relate To

Date: 2019-03-19 18:17:23

By Mansha

Who all cried in a movie TAARE ZAMEEN PAR when that kid sang MAA TUJHE SAB PATA HAI NA?

I know most of us cried but there are some who had cried with real tears that you could say, "crying with a full force". Today I will talk about such people who need a second to let their tears rolling down on their cheeks.
We are not saying that being emotional is a negative trait; in fact, it is a trait of being pure from the heart. Just on an entertainment purpose, we would tell you on what things such people can cry even on tiny little things, like...

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"SHAADI KISI AUR KI, BIDAAI KISI AUR KI but you will see them in the corner crying for a girl whom they have met for once or twice in their lifetime"...


"Crying in movies. No matter if it is a breakup scene, a death scene or a normal fight between couples or friends, they will cry because they feel bad for characters who are not even real"...


"Story is being told by a person who has gone through a horrible thing and that too smiling but they will cry on their behalf"...


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"Don't forget the scolding they get from their parents. Normal kids laugh on that and move on but these kinds of people cry because they did hurt them by their wordings and they will take that to their hearts which leads them to cry till the dawn"...


"You can't play a scary prank on them because they will cry before laughing and you will be in guilt later for playing a prank on them. Example, you decided to play a prank on them saying that you have met with an accident, they will land up to that stop crying and in return, you have to console them saying everything is fine"...


"Leaving sad moments aside, they can also cry on happy moments like born of a baby even though that baby doesn't belong to them but they cry because they feel excited about others"...



"They cry on their great achievements too like receiving a degree or a certificate because they realize that they are finally done with their studies"...


"After listening to a struggling story of some actors or artists. They watch the shows and cry on their past and cry till the show gets over"...


"Crying on people's love stories even though they are not involved in that but still they cry because they feel connected"...


Last, this one is especially dedicated to girls. "They cry when they meet their girlfriends after a very long time because they did miss them and they felt incomplete"...


Savage, isn't it? Let us know what else makes you emotional by commenting down and don't forget to share with your emotional friends and let them know, it is okay to cry!

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