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We Miss Those Old Hindi Songs, Artists, Can You Not Get Those Times Again?

Date: 2021-03-23 11:24:11

By Manveen

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Does it ever happen to you that you just accidentally or randomly listen to some lyrics here and there and that one particular line stays with you forever? Maybe a song came up when your Uber driver was switching channels on the radio or a local tea vendor was playing some old song and you just cannot get over those songs? That is the charm Indian musicians and lyricists had once upon a time ago.


We get it that change is inevitable and we no longer live in the same world full of hearts and flowers, but seriously, does our music have to go down this low? Hip-hop and all those subcultures exist just fine and well, but we do not feel the same thing we did every time we would hear Jagjit Singh's gazal or Kumar Sanu's songs as we do now.


Yes, there are some brilliant and talented singers and composers in Bollywood even right now, but the truth is the demand for meaningful music is low which is why artists have no choice but to produce music that will sell and that is what the audience are loving these days. Many artists has some songs releasing every now and then that blow our minds and hearts away, but most of the times we are stuck with music by Sidhu Mossewala, Sunidhi Chauhan, Karan Aujla, etc.

Somehow these artists are making big money, actually, the reason they are making big bucks is that people love such kinds of music. Really? When did we get over Lucky Ali's voice? When did we think XYZ songs could soothe our souls? Sure, we can dance and groove on his music in clubs and music, but these artists can never hit us the way A.R. Rehman does.


Arijit Singh is the only one still continuing that niche of soulful music and making money and remaining popular as well, but most artists are not left with much choice but to adjust to the changing lifestyles.

The songs back then were longer and were produced on a much lower budget than they are now. No Gucci-Armani! Simple backdrops, simple clothing, and soulful music.


It was in the '90s when things started becoming larger than life, 200 people dancing in the backdrop, Salman Khan playing an electric guitar without a cord (logic has gone into the trash can since then), causal throw of English slangs here and there and our music went down the hill.

Earlier, they would use like 1-2 English words or have one verse written in English to look cool, but presently, singers, especially Punjabi just literally write a song for one English word or brand. If today they heard the word "savage" they will somehow mould some words into lyrics and write a song on it, they put the same logic with fancy clothing brands and cars as well.


Thank god, we have enough technology to access the age-old Hindi songs and miss an era in which we were never born.

Disclaimer: We are not blaming the artist for the choices of songs they are producing, we know they have a fantastic talent; the thing is we are just missing those old days.


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