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Here Is A Guide To, How You Can Take Care Of Your Pets & Make A Happy Diwali For Them As Well

Date: 2018-11-07 10:30:39

By Ritika

Diwali is right here and all of us are busy in its preparations, in full flow! Some are busy putting up the lights, some are lighting diyas while others are out there bursting crackers. However, we often tend to ignore our little ones during this festival of joy- those who don't have a voice.

Our pets and especially those animals living on the streets without a home and without anyone to look after them, save them from the insanity going around are left alone and for them, it is really no fun. This article guides you on how to ensure that this is not only a good time for us but for our animals as well. Read up to see what can we do in our capabilities to make it a safe time for everyone this Diwali.


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1. Sit down with your animal and try to comfort them

Whether it's your pet or a stray animal, try spending some time with them- to tell them that everything is going to be fine and that you are there. The loud noise of crackers is really alarming and terrifying for them, so show them some support by comforting them and being there for them.


2. Keep diyas and candles away from them

Make sure to keep all diyas and candles away from animals, preferably at a height. The light of the diyas can harm them or they can accidentally go near it, so make it a point that there is nothing of such kind lying around.

3. During the peak time, ensure that your pet is in someplace safe

Every pet has some part of the house where they are the most comfortable. At the time of the night when everyone is busy bursting loads of crackers and there is a lot of noise in the air, make your pets sit in their comfortable corner.


4. Put cotton balls in their ears or take some anti-anxiety meds from the vet

The loud noises from crackers make their stress and agitation levels go really high. We can't even imagine how uncomfortable animals get with all of that. However, we can go to a vet a get something prescribed to soothe them down or put cotton in their ears to block at least some of the noise out.


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5. Keep some food and water available around your house

For all the strays getting anxious, keep some water and food near your building complex or at some place that you know the animals will come around so that when they feel like, they can come and comfort themselves.


6. Spray lavender mist

If possible, get some lavender mist or lavender oil and spray it around or put it around as it is said to comfort dogs.


7. Don't leave your doors and windows open

Even a little bit of door or window opening can give entry to a lot of noise. So make sure that all the doors and windows are sealed tight and closed properly so that your little ones aren't scared of the noise outside. A little bit of comforting music playing around is an added go to.


8. Lastly, educate your kids and others around you about the harm to animals

A lot of us end up creating a lot of discomfort for animals simply because we aren't aware of its effects. Take some time out and tell those around you to make it as safe as possible an environment for all animals.


9. Do clean the leftovers of those crackers which you burst, this will help the animals from not consuming dangerous materials.


10. Do keep the list of local animal rescue NGO's contact details ready because this might save the pets life.

It is not only a festival for us, but for everyone around us. This Diwali, let's try and make it a safer and happier time for everyone around us, including those without a voice. A little bit of love and care can mean so much to them!


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