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8 Proposal Ideas That Will Force HIM To Say Yes To You.

Date: 2019-03-13 16:34:25

By TabloidXO Writers

Proposing your boyfriend to get married or engaged is a very big step. When in love it doesn't matter, a girl proposes or a guy. A marriage is a holy bond where two people who are madly in love decides to spend the rest of their lives together. It has to be taken seriously from the very first step. If you have decided that yes, it's time to pop up the question and to take the relationship to next level then subconsciously you have the assurance that he would be ready too. Then with all the courage, you would want to plan something for him to make him feel special as much as you think this relationship means to you. So, here we are helping you with some proposal ideas that will 'woo' him and he would definitely say YES!

1) A mini surprise for him at his workplace.

Before your better half reaches his office, sneak into his cabin and keep a card in which "The reasons why we both are so great together" is written with all your heart. Let him devour in the card till he is at the office. By the time he reaches home, he will be in the 'aww, you are so adorable' zone. As soon as he comes home and opens the door, be ready with a bottle of champagne and a ring in your hand and ask him to marry you.


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2) Find a cozy spot outside your home.

If its winter season and your boyfriend don't mind spending some time outside in the cold, then this is the right time for a bonfire. Search for a place, which would be perfect for a bonfire just for the two of you. Take him to the place, spend some cozy time there for a while, drink his favorite beer with him and when you think the mood has been set, go for it girl!


3) Being all show-offs!

If you know that your partner is okay with the public proposal, then you should definitely go for this and he would love it. Book a small movie hall, play the video prepared by you involving all the important places where you both have been together and relive all those special moments. He would be reliving all those beautiful moments and then "bang" pop up the question.


4) A kind of destination proposal.

Here you are literally going to take him off his feet. For this 'behind the scene' task would involve you talking to his boss that he will be going to take a break for the next 4-5 days or as per your schedule. Book tickets to a special place which you like, do a little bit of packing, not much for the ease of the scene and that's it, you are ready to roll. Around the time when his office hours would get over, go to him and then blindfold him saying that there is a surprise for him. Take him to the car, drive all the way to the airport and as soon as you are about to enter the flight, let go off the blindfold and propose to him with a rose "Will you marry me?". Then you would be having your first trip as an engaged couple.


5) Being all filmy!

If you want to involve any of his family members then this can turn out to be a cute way to propose to him. Take his mother on your side and ask her to create a scene with her son where she would be making him familiar with some known single ladies for him to get married to. And after when he starts resisting and getting irritated you enter the scene, all DABANG style and propose to him and become his savior.


6) Naughtiness unveiled!.

You could do a role-play dressing as his favorite fantasy character and in your script you can propose to him. He will definitely be shocked but it can give a sexy edge to your proposal.



7) Party while you propose.

Plan a nice night out in a nightclub with good booze and food. Have a good feast and then get to the dance floor. While dancing you can grab the mic from the DJ and sing 'your song' or sing a love song portraying your feelings and then propose to him.


8) A homely feeling.

This is one of the most classic ways to propose to your would-be fiancé and since it is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, you can cook him his favorite dish for dinner. Have it in your house and then pop up the question during the dessert. The classic never gets old.



Select your proposal idea very wisely as you and your partner will be sharing your stories together in front of your families, relatives, friends and your children after all. So, it has to be straight from the heart. There are times when you are not confident whether you should make the move or not. Would he like you making the move? Is he ready for this step? Is he ready for long-term commitment? Subconsciously every woman knows where her relationship is at that point of the time. It is up to her to open eyes to that situation or ignore it. Be wise enough to understand your chemistry, to understand the depth of your relationship and then make the move and if you think that your relationship is strong enough then with the above ideas, you are definitely going to get a big YES.

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