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These 10 Art Movies You Should Not Miss If You're An Art Enthusiast.

Date: 2019-08-21 17:17:38

By Priyanshi

The people who appreciate art, may it be through books, music, movie, painting, silence, romance... They know it's not limited to, any definitions. There are so many art, movies out there like Fight Club, A beautiful Mind, Blue Valentine, Into The Wild, The Book Thief, Frida, etc. Art is relative and subjective. If you call yourself an art enthusiast, then,

Here are 10 art movies you should watch and I assure you'll vibe on it as soon as you do.

1. Mona Lisa Smile.

This movie revolves around a 1950s art teacher who wants to change the world one student at a time. The message she wants to give out is there's a lot more to life than marriage. Look out for art, to be something, to let anything make you feel.

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2. Nudes.

This Marathi movie shows a mirror to the society about how humans and the arts struggle to survive in this hypocritical world. For those who understand Marathi and appreciates art, it's a must-watch.

3. A Star is Born.

A seasoned musician falls in love with a struggling artist, the story unfolds thereafter to a deep-rooted and personal journey and tells the tale of love being an art which is as difficult to pull off as a canvas.

4. Pulp Fiction.

A masterpiece by Quentin Tarantino, this movie gives an unusual insight on many deeper concepts not so conventional or out there. It appreciates art in all its rawness and conveys to a particular audience. True art enthu, this is for you!

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5. The Greatest Showman.

Three words to describe this movie - "Celebration of humanity."
PT Barnum's story portrayed as a musical biopic, who paints the circus to celebrate visionary and embrace art from all sides.

6. Lust for Life.

Tracing the life story of the artist Vincent Van Gogh and how his pain brought out the art from within is a story that will touch you like no other. The lust for life is everything undefined and art is the best example of undefined.

7. The Words.

A struggling writer fighting through time and age to write a breakthrough, but could never set his mind right. He takes a trip with his wife, walks into an antique store, there lies a brown office bag, his wife buys him the bag. A few days later he finds a first copy of what he quoted to be the best book ever written, but never published. A few months later, the original writer, now an old man in the States confronts him for stealing his life work. All narrated by a third person who's admirer believes he was the one who stole a book. A stolen book gives way to narrate art in the most different way possible.


8. Call Me by Your Name.

This movie has done complete justice to Aciman's beautiful writing. It's a blessing as romance is shown as the purest form here and gives a different perspective to attraction and love.

9. Dead Poets Society.

A progressive teacher tries to break free the norms of teaching to live life unapologetically and have the kids experience something more than just books. He introduces poetry to them and they revive the poet club calling it the dead poets society. Best movie for an art fanatic to watch!

10. Bohemian Rhapsody.

Celebration of the band Queen, their music and their extraordinary singer Freddie Mercury who defied stereotypes and shattered conventions. A beautiful movie that makes you experience the realms of life with music.

Someone said, "Art and Love are the same things. Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." Truer words were never spoken before. Watch them if you haven't and you won't regret putting your time into it.

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