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10 Benefits Of Having An Influencer Friend.

Date: 2021-01-29 11:48:40

By Manveen

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If you take note, influencers are in a bigger swing than celebrities. Celebrities are using iDiva and their creators to promote their movies. This is what the world has come to now. Influencers are easy to believe because they are like you and me. Or at least initially they were. We trust them. Maybe their content know is faux but hey, everybody wants to grow in life and make money?

Regardless of what you say, none of us can deny that influencers are defining the next decade.

From the epidemic of influenza to this decade of influencers, here are 10 Benefits Of Having An Influencer Friend:

1. Have you seen the amount of PR packages they receive?

For the love of God, (kuch humme bhi dedo). See, honestly one person cannot use that many cosmetics or any goods so just be a doll and send it forward to your friends. Thanks & Regards!

Source: iambrianadai

2. Have you taken note of the number of cafes/ restaurants that invite them?

Yes, cafes/ restaurants need to gain popularity, and what better way than our very own beloved influencers? And do you think one person can go, have lunch, take like hundred photos and have fun alone? Nope. They take their friends with them. Be their friend!

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3. The general stalking rule will make you popular too.

If you find somebody interesting, you stalk them. You see which faces are more recurring on somebody's feed, then you look for their IG handle. Then you tap on that IG handle, hoping that account is public too. Well, you could be that account as well, you know?


4. People in your class/ office will have a reason to be nice to you.

Remember how when we were in school and you were friends with either a prefect or a head boy/ girl and the entire school stalked you on Facebook? Well, the same chronology works here as well. (Aap chronology samjhiye)

5. Aesthetically pleasing IG feed? Yes, please!

If you are going to get free food, free vacations, and free makeup. Not only your life but your Instagram will shine too. #PinterestAestheticsLife!


6. Stalkers start following you as well.

If you are hanging out with a popular person you will eventually become popular too. Kim K worked for Paris Hilton and we all know the rest. Mutually benefitting is not a bad deal for anybody.


7. Can you be an influencer too? Why not!

What if you start posting about all the cafes/ restaurants on IG? Start recommending cosmetics too? Make your own blog? You can be an influencer too!


8. Influencing has gone to event hosting now. Free drinks? Yes, please!

Yes, if you follow luxury-fashion bloggers from Delhi you know exactly what we are talking about. All those drinks at Sly granny will visit your liver for free. Who knows somebody might even sponsor your health insurance one day?

9. Career opportunities make way (in your way).

Knowing somebody in the industry makes other "somebody" accessible to you. It is chill if you do not wish to be an influencer but even if you have an alternate career option, you can have references and recommendations.


10.) There is literally no downside to it.

While reading this, did anything not please you?
Nope, right? Because what can go wrong with it. Karan benefitted from being friends with Kauravas, you find your Kauravas in your influencer friends, mate.


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