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10 Bikini Wax Tips Every Woman Should Keep In Mind Before Going For A Bikini Line Wax.

Date: 2019-10-13 16:17:20

By Mansha

A girl feels more petrified on a bikini wax day than any other day; in general, a girl is not even worried about her wedding day.

Then why waxing?

bikini wax, bikini line

Because Bikini wax is one of the worst things which comes with extreme pain and burning sensation.

For girls, waxing private areas is a symbol of a hygienic body. With a fresh, newly harvested body part, girls feel good, but this good becomes a nightmare for a few moments because it's painful, it's more painful than a hand waxing.

Today, with some tips in our mind, we will guide you on how you can make your bikini line waxing less painful:

  1. Wear loose clothes.
  2. Wear loose pants or pajama while hitting to the parlor because after the session, you will feel discomfort and burning sensation because of which, you won't be able to handle the tight clothes.

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  3. Growth should be good enough to wax.
  4. Make sure the growth is good enough, minimum of four weeks growth because, more the growth, lesser strips it would take to pull off the hair, undergrowth and short hair takes minimum two strips to come out.

    bikini wax, bikini line

  5. Not on days of periods.
  6. Avoid getting it done before and after a few days of your periods because that is the time when your body is sensitive and you will feel more pain compared to the normal days.

    bikini wax, bikini line

  7. First time = painful.
  8. If you are getting it done for the first time or you feel the extreme pain during every session, then don't forget to carry the painkiller (*not always recommended) because it does pain like someone has ripped your skin through a knife.

    bikini wax, bikini line

  9. Avoid gymming or vigorous exercise.
  10. Avoid the gym on the same day of your waxing because of the sensitivity down there. Let your lady part breath for some time as it has already gone through so much.

    bikini wax, bikini line

  11. Talk about your allergies.
  12. If you have any skin allergies or sensitivity, then do let your waxer know because you don't want to injure your private part badly.

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  13. Follow your Estheticians instruction.
  14. Follow all the instructions given by your Esthetician about changing the positions from time to time because she knows better positions to make the pain minimize.

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  15. Redness is normal.
  16. Don't lose your cool when you notice the redness or few scratches down there because it is normal with some of the girls. Be psychologically prepared.

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  17. Bikini wax aftercare tips.
  18. Don't forget to ask your Esthetician/waxer about the aftercare. Ask questions like, "what to apply to make the burning sensation less or how often bikini wax should be done?".

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  19. Don't let your inner thighs touch alot.
  20. Keep your inner thighs less in contact with eac other and don't even think of closing them while the strip is on it because it can harm your vagina in the worst manner. Be patient and hold on to something to tolerate the pain.

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It is the thing, which only girls can understand and guys have no idea about what all we go through.

To girls who are still not comfortable, don't feel burdened to remove your hair down there. It's okay to be bushy, it is actually beneficial if you are not waxing, it prevents you from rashes and infections in your private area.

Stay beautiful, Stay free!

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