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10 Bridal Shower Ideas For Your Best Friend's Wedding Which She Will Remember Her Entire Life.

Date: 2019-10-09 21:32:18

By Mansha

Being the best friend, you will do every possible thing to make her bridal shower the remarkable and memorable occasion of her lifetime.

As a bridesmaid, it is your responsibility to throw a crazy bridal shower to your girl to bid her great farewell and more than that, to tell her, how happy you are for her. We know, it is too much of a responsibility for every bridesmaid as she has pressure to do everything with perfection, but today; we have come to help you to the bridal shower ideas.

bridal shower ideas

To plan a perfect bridal shower for your girlfriend with ease we have got you some quick bridal shower tips. Keep scrolling to uncover your excitement through this article.

  1. Start it with personalized invites:

  2. Put a personal touch in every invite to make people feel, their presence means a lot to you and the would-be bride. You can do it by printing everyone's name on the top of the boxes or sending personalized gifts along with the invites.

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  3. Pamper her with beauty treatments before the party:

  4. Because she needs to look her best, after all, it is her day. Make her feel special by booking her skin care appointments and hair styling ones. She needs to feel as if she is on top of the world and blessed with the best of the best.

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  5. Make the appropriate guest list:

  6. Invite all the close and dearest ones, without whom she can't imagine her big day and left the ones, who have never been good to her because, on this day, she needs to be with the people who make her happy instead of the people, who make her feel miserable.

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  7. Prepare some naughty and funny games:

  8. A bridal shower is all about being naughty, plan some fun games to make her realize, she would be a Mrs. soon and her life would be full of surprises, love and more. If you need an idea, you can do something with bananas (wink-wink).

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  9. Focus on the decorations:

  10. To bring life to a party, make it bright and colorful. Focus on getting the best decorations, according to her taste buds because this is the only time where she can do things according to her without any family involvement.

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  11. Choose the appropriate theme:

  12. Every party should have a theme and when it comes to a bridal shower, it should definitely have a theme to make it more pop up show. You can do something with horn headbands or something more naughty and fun. Do some brainstorming...

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  13. Don't forget the "no-touch" policy:

  14. No bridal shower is complete without having a little bit of a man teasing. Yes, you heard it right. Call for a handsome boy and have fun with the no-touch policy.

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  15. Set the DJ bass and make it crazy, as the party gets old:

  16. No party is fun without music, make sure to have the crazy playlist to light up the party and don't let the fun end till the people are down with exhaustion or "you know what we mean".

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  17. Don't forget the cake:

  18. Get a naught cake that would be appropriate for the newly married woman. Maybe something like a couple on the bed. AHEM-AHEM...

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  19. Make her the center of all the possible attention:

  20. Because she should get all the pampering and love, make her feel like a queen and be her whatever she wants you to be.

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    Marriage is the most special event for every girl out there and it gets even more special when she has her bridesmaids around her cheering for her.


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