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10 Facts About Marwadi People Which Only They & Now You Know.

Date: 2020-11-19 11:14:00

By Srishti

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"Shaadi, Business, Dal Batti Churma", Marwardi's thought/life summed up in these three things. Salman Khan's popular brand represents 'Being Human', a Marwadi family represents 'Being Entrepreneur'.

Marwari or Marwadi, this Indian ethnic group originally from the Marwar region in Rajasthan, India is a successful business community; they were the first inland traders during the Rajput Kingdom era. In today's world, they control the country's largest media groups and are now being spread throughout the entire country and live in states like Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, and many other cities.

While they are known for their successful businesses all over the country, there are many hidden facts about Marwari community that is unheard of.

Here are 10 mindblowing facts about Marwadi people which you should know:

1. Marwari businessmen - All of them are born businessman.

There is no other career option that can fit them more perfectly, it is as if business and Marwari's go hand in hand.


2. Peesa Koni.

No matter the family business is booming, they will always say 'Peesa Koni'. Their profits are sky rocketing but when it comes to lending money, they will always say 'Peesa Koni (meaning: no money)'.


3. Relatives everywhere.

They have relatives in almost every city. Pick any city you want to visit with them, they will always have a relative living there, be it distant or close.


4. Chaudhary song.

Their functions cannot conclude until they have played the song 'Chaudhary'. No wedding function is complete if they have not played the song, it is their all-time favorite song that they have to listen during the celebrations.

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5. They love sweets.

All of them have a sweet tooth and are obsessed with all kinds of sweets. Offer them any sweet and they will never say NO, how can they, they love eating sweets.

marwadi facts

6. Kanjoos.

They are still 'Kanjoos' even after having a lot of money. Business is something that runs in their blood but what may come their way or how much money they might earn they will always stay a little kanjoos.


7. Trip to a religious place.

Their vacation trips always consist of a trip to a religious place. Planning a vacation Abroad or in Indian, at least one of their trips has to consists of a trip to a religious place, their vacations are incomplete without it.



8. Bhujiya and Bundiya.

Their all-time favorite snack is Bhujiya and Bundiya. Feeling hungry, then Bhujiya and Bundiya is their go-to snack.


9. Papad is life.

If the house runs out of Papads then it is an emergency. No meal of theirs is complete until and unless they have Papad present on their plate and if they run out of it then a household emergency is declared in their house.

10. Thodo so aur ghee lele.

"Thodo so aur ghee lele" is something that never gets old in their household. There is no shortage of ghee in their house and they love eating food full of ghee. 'Thodo so aur ghee lele' is something everyone hears a lot during their mealtime.

marwari facts

While these facts almost describe who Marwari people are, but their culture is something that is very unique and vibrant, they love to do things in extravagant ways. They are very colorful. If you do have a Marwari friend, then you do relate to many of these facts and are lucky to know them.


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