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10 Fashion Secrets Stylish People Will Never Tell You.

Date: 2019-10-22 18:06:12

By Manveen

Fashion is not sorcery but an art yet some insist on maintaining its exclusivity. This exclusivity often comes at a price of secrecy. While some might think it is plain mean others consider it essential to maintain its sacred nature. For effortlessly gorgeous looks there is a fashionable mind behind it and if you wanted to look more beautiful, you need to know what secrets people don't want you to know.

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Whichever the case maybe, here are 10 fashion secrets stylish people will never tell you:

1. They are at a loss too.

If you think Santoshi Shettyor, Masoom Minawala are never at a loss about how to pair their clothing, for that matter, you are wrong. Nobody, not even Alessandro Michele can survive without doubts and dilemmas.


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2. You can learn it too.

It just does not do to add an oversized belt or drape your shirt as a skirt and pants and shirt and other iterations. Fashion is a discipline in itself and with good guided books and information, one can develop a sense and aesthetic both.


3. Money can be substituted.

Fashion might would have started for the rich and elite, but come on guys, we live in the era of Shein and Sarojini Nagar. Everything is possible for us now. What one brand produce, XYZ copies. Whatever XYZ produces, ABC copies. It is an ecosystem. And that's how everybody does! If you have have a copy then why to have original. Trust me, even many elite fashionista does buy duplicate brands.


4. You can live without fashion.

It is okay if you are not into fashion. Fashion is not food. It is not a need but merely a want. Most people live their lives oblivious to fashion so nobody should make you feel miserable for not being up to date. Many Stylist people have the tendency to flaunt their new line of clothing or jewellery.


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5. If you decide to love yourself, they will all go bankrupt.

The whole fashion and beauty industry works one fundamental, they make you think you individually are not adequate enough. That you need all these things to be better, the day you call off their bluff along with everybody else, they will go bankrupt.


6. The style first, fashion second.

It does not do to buy everything trendy and not have one's own distinct hint of styling. Remember fashion can be bought, but not style.


7. Nobody tells the actual source of their clothing.

Most people lie and exaggerate the label they are wearing and yes it is true.



8. "I don't remember" is a lie.

Has it ever happened to you that you liked what somebody was wearing and you informed them about your intentions of buying that thing too and they suddenly forgot where they got it from? Yes, all lies. They do remember, they just don't want you to have it too.


9. Weight is not a big deal.

First of all, there are plus-size models too now so who are you even kidding? All labels are becoming body positive. Cheer to your body shape and try what you think will look good on you. Atleast you are experimenting.


10. Fashion makes you look rich.

It is as simple as the fact that if you can afford to buy what is the latest, it will make you look rich. When it is recently launched, it is not for the mass and whence the exclusivity wins. It is the newness that plays the biggest role. And the fashionista's wear the latest trend but they will not tell you the new trend of the market.


Put your chin up and sense the feeling of you being the next Diva of Bollywood.


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