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10 Top Most Haunted Places In Goa. Don't Go Alone.

Date: 2021-03-05 16:05:00

By Srishti

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Goa is India's one of the hottest destinations for Indians and overseas. This premium tourist place gathers the maximum amount of footfall in India. Goa is not just popular for a lot of beachside locations; there are scary places as well which attracts the tourist. This combination of partying lavishly and at the same place sensing the spooky feel is what makes Goa famous internationally.

The lush green Goa has a long history of haunted stories and places which ghost people who are living close to these locations.

Here's a quick evaluation of the 10 most famous haunted places in Goa.

1. Dona Paula Beach:

Situated in the Dona Paula Village, this beach is said to be haunted as two lovers who could end up with each other due to caste differences committed suicide here. Many people who have been to this place have said that have experienced the presence of spirits, but no one for sure knows if this is concrete also or not.

Dona Paula Beach Haunted Places In Goa

2. Mumbai-Goa Highway, NH17:

Located on NH17, this highway is said to be haunted, the theories say that this highway resides the spirits of three old witches who are on the lookout for non-vegetarian food. The locals of the place say that whenever someone traveling through this highway carrying non-vegetarian food crosses by after dark, they end up disappearing. No one for sure knows if it is true or not, but many people do believe in it.

Mumbai-Goa Highway, NH17 Haunted Places In Goa

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3. Baytakhol:

Located between Bori and Dhavali, this road is one of the roads in Goa where most accidents take place. People who cross this road have said that while driving though they have seen a woman with a child crying for help and whenever some car has stopped and looked back, they have always found an empty road because of which this road is said to be haunted.

Baytakhol Haunted Places In Goa

4. Saligao Village:

A small village in Goa is said to be haunted by a Portuguese man who stayed there went missing and when he was found he was covered in scratches and the man claimed that he was taken by Christalina, an angry spirit that now roams around the village. People say that this spirit is present in the village because of the banyan tree that is present there.

Saligao Village Haunted Places In Goa

5. The Rodrigues Home:

Located in Verna, this house is said to have paranormal activities that happen in this house. Though the house is not abandoned, people have said that the windows of this place keep opening and closing on their own, and even the lights of the place flicker at times.

The Rodrigues Home Haunted Places In Goa

6. Three King's Church:

Located in Cansaulim Village, this is one of the most haunted churches in Goa. The story of the church is the three kings were rulers here, one of the kings got greedy and killed the other two with poison, because of which the people of the village became unhappy with the king; later even he committed suicide and all the three king's bodies are buried under the church and their ghosts have been said to haunt the church.

Three King's Church Haunted Places In Goa


7. Igorchem Bandh:

Located in Raia, this is the only place in Goa that is said to be haunted at night and as well as in the daylight. The locals living around the place say that an evil spirit possesses on the road and if anyone is crossing the road between 2 pm and 3 pm they end up going missing.

Haunted Places In Goa

8. Janki Bandh:

Located between Drampur and Navelim, this bridge connecting these two places a long time back witnessed an unforeseen accident. The accident took place because of a mistake of the driver who was driving a bus full of children and parents that toppled over the bridge. People who cross this bridge have reported that they can hear the cries of children while passing.

Janki Bandh Scary Places In Goa

9. Ghost Hostel:

Located near Agonda Beach, this hostel was being built by the Russians back in the day, but it never got completed and is surrounded by bushes and wild trees, the hostel got the name Ghost Hostel. But this is not all; many people who have crossed through this hostel witnessed paranormal activities.

Ghost Hostel Haunted Places In Goa
Source: Treebo

10. D'Mello House:

Located in Santimol, is the most haunted house in Goa. The story of the place is that two brothers lived there who once had an ugly argument over the property and one brother killed the other one. Since then, the house is said to be cursed and no one in the family can divide the property ever peacefully. Many people at night have even heard shouting noises coming from inside the house.

Scary Places In Goa

We request you to never go to these places alone.

Banner Image Source: Treebo Hotels.


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