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10 Indian Delicious Sweets You Should Try This Winter And Make Your Tummy Happy

Date: 2018-12-28 14:16:06

By TabloidXO Writers

India favours abundance in various spheres of life. Food is really important here. It's not wrong to say that most of us live to eat. We are quite fond of our dishes specially the sweet ones. The truth is, there are a lot of lesser known delicious sweets available and Leaving them unexplored is a sin, that truly is! The winter has approached in many states and you might need a bite of these while getting comfortable on that cozy couch. So here are some lip-smacking Indian sweets you should try this winter and make you tummy happy.

1. Puran poli.

It is a sweet studded poli. It's a flatbread like a chappatti. It perfectly balanced sweetness and grants utter delight.


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2. Mysore Pak.

It is available in small rectangles usually. It is made of ghee, sugar and besan. Of course, ghee and sugar are made for each other. They sing really well in a Mysore Pak.


3. Malpua.

It is usually prepared in Northern and Eastern households. They are also made as prasads in some temples. Again, really tasty.


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4. Coconut barfi.

Coconut is bliss, and it is in its best form when included in sweets. It's undoubtedly a treat for your tummy and heart alike.


5. Elaneer payasam.

Elaneer means tender coconut. Payasam is a sweet dish from kerala. Payasam made with tender coconut is happiness that got into a cup. Don't forget to try it.


6. Modak.

Modak can be fried or steamed. Its usually made as an offering to Lord Ganesha. Its tasty and easy to make.



7. Kharwas.

This is made of jaggery and colostrum. This dessert from Maharashtra will blow your mind, with it's taste.


8. Pitha.

It is one of Assam's favorite sweets. It is deceptively delicious. Rice is one of the main constituents of Pitha.


9. Chena poda.

This is kind of a cheese dessert. The word originally means burnt cheese. The caramelized sugar makes it better.


10. Jaangiri.

Jaangiri is similar to jilebis. It has an intricate flower like appearance.It is light orange in colour and is made by deep drying in ghee.


These are some of the desserts of India you probably didn't tasted it yet. Next time, remember them and taste heaven. We all deserve these sweetness in our lives.


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