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10 Lessons Coronavirus Taught To The Indians.

Date: 2020-04-04 14:34:35

By TabloidXO

lessons india to learn

It is not easy to say, but let us say anyway. Every cloud has a silver lining. We would not lie; this pandemic has shaken the foundation of all of us. One person's loss is another person's lesson. The lives lost and the suffering is not worth anything but we are here. We have no choice but to accept the world for what it is right now and go ahead. India learned from Italy and maybe somebody else will learn from us too. But a lot of things became much more clear to us, as we had enough time to sit and think things through.

Here are 10 Things Corona Virus Taught The Indian:

1.) Indian Ministers are on Work from Home.

Well, first of all, where are our beloved ministers? Are they doing work from home too? How would they go about it? Were they not supposed to serve the country? Or are they only supposed to play Ludo, and talk on Twitter?


2.) Where we truly stand.

We all were running in a race, a never-ending one. One challenge after another. We were not willing to stop. But this damned virus made us, it stopped everything for us and made us realize that when nature begins to collect its toll, nobody is safe.

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3.) Hindu-Muslim anybody?

Yeah, so a while ago Delhi was burning, right? People legit stopped everything and went to the roads burning, houses on fire, shooting bullets, murdering each other and such. Was it worth it? The virus did show you who the real daddy is. When death comes, it comes for us all. Nobody can survive anything without interdependence. We are all same flesh & blood. Same flesh and blood, we repeat. Stop fighting over something that does not exist.

4.) We have to stop and ponder over everything we have been doing so far.

Is your job worth it? Were the years of struggle worth it? Are those student loans worth it? Was anything worth it if one day all of us had to be sacrificed due to a China bred virus as scapegoats? For an inhuman nation to fulfill its hypothetical triumph over the world?

5.) Money cannot win every time.

Well, money is distinguishing very correctly between the rich and the poor right now. But Canada's prime minister's wife tested positive, Prince Charles tested positive, that damned bitch Kanika Kapoor tested positive. At least something happened in India that does not differentiate on the basis of caste, colour, creed, and sex.

6.) We will fail society every time.

Speaking of monetary funds, we as humans once again proved that we cannot look out for one another. We will teach children Value Education in school, chant slogans, write essays on helping others, but when the time came, we filled our coffers and let the laborers die. Their blood is on our hands. All of us.

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7.) Capitalism will collapse.

Those hiding behind their big buildings are not safe either. Not for long anyway, just wait for the lockdowns to be uplifted and the economy being ramshackle.

8.) Animal lives matter too.

Did you see all those posts where animals came back? Dolphins on sea coasts, pigeons on the street. Do you see now what we took away from them?


9.) Could we have survived this without artists/creative folk?

If you do not have respect for creative fields, then nothing in the world can change that now. You are watching movies, listening to songs, reading, writing, feeling, passing time, all because of creative artists whom you have taken for granted for long.

10.) In the end, family sticks till the end.

"When the first chip of snow falls, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives." - Ned Stark.


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