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Marrying A Writer? Congrats Your Life Is Going To Be A Lovely Ride.

Date: 2019-10-23 18:34:06

By TabloidXO, Mansha

Many people say, marrying the writer is not the best decision of your life, but it is not the case,

Marrying a writer is HEAVEN.

Your life is the mini Bollywood once you choose to marry a writer. Your life is full of love, peace, and romance.

love writer

Usually, normal couples start their morning by morning coffee or tea, but when in love with the writer, you're every morning is unique with an extra masala of romance cum fun cum teasing Shayaris or romantic pick up lines.
Dating a writer is a full entertainment package because they will make you feel important and loved in many ways.

Here are 10 things you will relate to if you are dating /marrying a writer:

Their first love would always be books or kindle:

Because that's when they are at their best behavior, their reading sessions would be fixed, no matter how tired they are or if you have other plans, you have to plan things according to their reading timings.


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They are born romantic:

Because that's what their work is, they make people fall in love with their writings and then, they all put their fictional ideas into the reality just to make you feel loved and important (I must say, you are lucky).


Your most of the dates are at the coffee shops:

Because there they get the best ideas to write as they can never stop thinking about the next topic. Yes, writing is their first love.


Their emotions ride like a roller coaster:

They hate it when they are unable to write their ideas into the piece of paper and irritation starts to grow and in all of this, you are their easy target to let out all their frustration on you.


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You get to read about yourself:

When they are in a romantic mood, they pen down their love towards you via writing all the good things about you and don't lie, you love that too, because who doesn't like a whole book, which would be only about them.


You are their critique:

You get to read their stuff first, because they know, you will never lie and they trust you with everything. Every night there is a reading session with you, which involves true feedback and suggestions about how to write better and they take every word of yours seriously.


They demand space:

Because dating a writer means you have to compromise on each other timings.


They are passionate:

When it comes to showing their love, they are the most passionate ones because who knows better about love and lust better than writers who pen down the greatest love stories or read the wildest love stories.



You are ignored very often:

When dating a writer, chances are you will be ignored most of the times because they are busy writing their thoughts and they hate it when something distracts them.


They are the biggest pajamas fans:

While writing, writers demand convenience, so the first thing they do is, wear loose pajamas. Most of the times, you see them sitting in their night suit.


It is not that difficult, is it? Dating a writer is a great experience and let me tell you, they are the most loyal partners because they know, how rejection feels and they have the most peaceful brain, so no scope of endless fights.


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