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10 Reasons Why You Should Tie A Rakhi To Your Sister.

Date: 2019-08-12 15:12:17

By Mansha

The bond of two sisters is irreplaceable and non-explainable because they don't have to talk or meet every day to show their love. Their bonding is different from any other relationships, they might live far away from each other, but still, the chords of their hearts are attached like a magnet to iron.

rakhi sister

They take care of each other like best friends, give advice like a mother, got your back like a brother and love you like no one else in the world. Sisters are special in every possible way and no other relationship can replace this awesome relationship.

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On this Rakhi, let's start a new tradition of a sister tying a Rakhi to her sister because no matter who remain in your life or who takes an exit, you will always find your sister right next to you.

Reasons, why a sister should tie a Rakhi to her sister...

She protects you like a superwoman:

No matter if it is four in the morning or five, she will be there when you will need her the most because she cares for you and loves you like no other. She always protects you from the outside world by making a shield of love around you because she doesn't want anyone to hurt her sister-love and if it needs to smack someone down, she will do that.


She thinks of you 24/7:

Even if she is seven seas apart or a few minutes away, she always keeps you in her mind. She prays for your well-being and happiness, even though she doesn't show it, but deep inside, she cares for you every day and every time.


She can't see you crying:

Your tears are her biggest weakness because your smile and laughter are what keep her alive and positive. Your one tear, makes her feel vulnerable about letting you go through shit even after you have her and she blames her for your suffering because she promised to keep you happy and healthy to herself.


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She will make sure every wish of yours come true:

Even if it is a million-dollar handbag or a normal t-shirt, your wish is her command because she can't see you sad or unhappy. She always makes sure to give you everything that you desire because you are not only a sister to her, but her first best friend, she had made in years.


She can be the best nurse when required:

When you are unwell, she would be the first one to visit you because your illness is her pain too, and she would do anything to make you feel better.


She is always on your side:

Be it morning or night, you will always find her next to you in every situation, be it a happy situation or the worst one. She would never leave your side in downfall and would let you walk alone in your best time because that's what sisters are for.



She is your best adviser:

Life is all about having hardships and more, but if you have a sister, every journey gets easier because you have her to show you the right path towards your dreams and aspirations. They are the best teachers you can ever have.


They understand the unsaid:

Your eyes are enough for her to understand, you are in pain or suffering because she knows you from inside and out. You don't have to tell her, what you are going through, as her sisterly instincts are way stronger.


You will always be her constant:

Even after having a husband, you will always be her sissy-poo. No one can take your place in her life and heart because love is unconditional, your one scream and she will appear there without worrying about anything else. You are way important to her.


Your happiness is her priority:

She can go to any extent to see and make you happy, even if that takes, going against the world, she will do that because no one is as important to her as you.



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