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10 Reasons Why I Love To Hate Online Shopping.

Date: 2019-03-29 12:06:23

By Priyanshi

But Before we jump to the reasons, don't you think online shopping will soon take over traditional shopping methods? I mean, all it's doing is making us lazier and fatter to not fit into our purane clothes. Everybody reading this must have had a fair failed experience while shopping on the internet and here's why you should switch to earlier times.

1. What is shown is not what you get.

The material differs, the size differs and sometimes you get a t-shirt for a book. I mean glitches this bad can jeopardize your business, guys. Nothing ever fits.


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2. The exchange process is longer than my daily skincare routine.

Let's face it, we never exchange because we know it's too much effort. Complain about it and tell your friends you learned a lesson the hard way to not shop online. Yes, that's the way!


3. Models are deceiving AF.

Ever wondered why all the sites have photos of models who look as if they've been dieting since ages and look all thin and sexy? The actual representation of women and respecting all sizes < selling products through good looks schemes.


4. COD is more expensive than the necklace you chose to order.

Why to pay for delivery charges more than the product? It sounds stupid. Instead, just go and buy it. You might get variety and the option of bargaining.


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5. My fingers can't resist but press than 'BUY NOW' button.

I can't stop myself. I'll probably die of hunger for 2-3 days because the money I saved went into buying some shit online. Never trust what's shown up there. But more than that, never trust that big fat thumb of yours.


6. Discounts are them fooling us.

Seriously? I can't believe you don't get that they increase the prices and put original ones as bloody 'discount'. Such faulty behavior, I tell you.


7. I like to touch what I'm going to buy.

Do you also feel the material and put it on a scale of how comfortable it is before buying it? Well, it doesn't happen online.



8. Too much of signing-up.

Why am I required to input my email, then my password, then my life history to just buy a damn product that comes with extra delivery charges? No honey, I'm not doing that bull crap again.


9. Waiting for shipping... Hell No!

Who likes to wait in the 20th century? We need everything in hand on time.


10. I am actually wasting a lot of time deciding to buy or not buy that sundress.

I'll end up not buying it because I want to wait for the sale. Sale will come and go and I'll still be waiting. Jesus, could this get any easier?



Online shopping does this to us, makes us want to buy stuff we didn't plan to buy in the first place. And then there is all this time being wasted on it and at last, we cry in bed because we're broke and sleep. Moral of the story - Kids, don't shop online.

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