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10 Reasons Why Desi Parents Are Curious To Get Their Kids Married Soon.

Date: 2019-08-26 13:24:45

By Mansha

Once we enter into our mid-twenties, there is only one topic, which our parents discuss with us and that is, "now, it is time for you to settle down". It feels like as if someone has suddenly thrown the bomb on our heads without any warning.

Imagine how it feels, you are sitting, reading your novel or watching your favorite TV show with complete relaxation and suddenly, you will listen to your mothers saying, "EK RISHTA AAYA HAI" and your father, "this is the perfect age to get married, start thinking about it".

Desi parents are ever ready to get their children get married and today, we have got reasons for it because it is on-demand:

They are bored:

They feel the absence of entertainment in their lives and that's when the thought occurs to them about getting their kids, married because that's how they will get the excuse for all the shopping, celebrations and more.


They have no one to bitch about:

They feel left out when their friends, gossip about their daughter or son in law and that's when the idea pops up in their minds about putting turmeric on their hands.


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They want a baby to play with:

They miss the times of holding us in their arms and making us sleep on their laps, so, when they realize that we are finally at the age of giving birth to their grandkids, they tell us to get married but just saying parents, it can happen without marriage too. We just need to AHEM AHEM...


They are fed up with us:

From telling us to come home on time in the night on weekends to telling us to wake up early in the morning, they feel tired of trying to control us anymore. So, they decide to hand over that job to someone else, which would be our life partner.


Moms are tired of our almirahs:

Our clothes all bundled up on our chairs and sofas, which our mothers have to make it right by keeping them on its place but when she feels exhausted from it, she decides to get us married, so that we can be responsible.


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They don't want our JAWAANI to get wasted:

They are afraid of us looking like oldies because according to them, "no one wants the partner who looks mature". So, they guide us to get married before we start looking like frustrated and grumpy oldies. They want us to make the right use of our jawaani...


They focus more on society because of LOG KYA KAHENGE:

Society loves to brainwash our parents to get us married because they don't have other things to do to make their lives entertaining. So, they use us to lit their lives but mom, dad LOGO KA TOH KAAM HAI KEHNA...


They are scared about the fact, HAATH SE NIKAL NA JAAYE:

They worry about us to get into the wrong hands or choosing the wrong path in life. So, they believe marriage is the only option to keep us on the right track.



"What if good prospects get married early":

Trust me, they feel insecure about good people getting married early and you would be left with the leftovers. So, they want you to enter into the market early before good people would be taken.


In the last, they want to see you happy:

The biggest dream of every set of parents is, seeing their kids having their own family because they don't want you to be alone after them. Everything else is just an excuse to get you married but the reality is, they are worried about you, as they are getting old.


Now, you know the reasons behind your parents pressurizing you to get married. They are the real angels on the earth if you want to refuse the proposal, do that without hurting their feelings because they are only thinking about you.

And do when you think you are ready.


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