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11 Shopping Items Girls Love To Buy.

Date: 2019-09-11 18:58:13

By Manveen

If anybody actually took to research and survey just to prove that girls love shopping they sure must have had a lot of spare time to waste on their hands. We girls love to go shopping and we do not actually look at it like spending, but more in line with investing in good products which are the key to a good life for us. It's just that we are preparing ourselves for a good life, that's all.

Here are 11 shopping items girls love to buy/invest:

1. Fancy tops for girls.

This one was a no brainer. This one had to be on the top of the list because it is literally always on the top of our list or even when there is no list or a plan, every day is an opportunity to find sales and discounts and buy more tops. Happiness is what you make and wear new tops. Make space in your wardrobe.


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2. Earrings for girls.

It does not just do to buy a cute shirt and not have any good accessory to pair it up with. What is the point of all that cuteness in that shirt if it is not paired correctly to enhance its whole appeal? Girls, you get me, boys please don't even try. Please, just don't!


3. Girls love Flowers.

For the environment!

Flowers do have that effect on girls and you know what is better than a bouquet of flowers? A plant in a pot which grows and blooms with the season. What's more? Gardening is a good hobby to kill time too.


4. Candles for girls.

Not only do candles add that extra aesthetic to one's table and shelves, but also add an essence to the environment with their scent. Most boys just simply fail to appreciate these little joys in the world.


5. Footwear for girls.

Again, when you are going out and spending so much time in picking a dress and tops, then you just simply cannot substitute footwear for anything. Trends are one thing to keep up with and colour palette footwear is another.


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6. Girls Makeup.

It would not do to dwell on clothes and just forget about your face. Unlike boys, girls do not differentiate in their body. They take care of everything from head to toe and let me tell you girls makeup is a necessity. And Kajal is not the makeup.


7. Books girls love.

You need books as much as you need oxygen. While some girls prefer romance, others prefer fiction books. Reminding you, not diamonds, books are a girl's best friend.


8. Fancy cutlery.

Girls have to mark their territory over likes and dislikes, taste and mood. Everything they own goes to define their personality which is why they just don't buy a glass or a plate, they buy fancy china cutlery because it represents them.



9. Handbags for girls.

Cannot say this enough, but does not just end up with garment, it is the age of #OOTD, the entire outfit and the look matters.


10. Foodie girl.

Now we are considering the survival. If people don't think girls eat or eat enough, they clearly have not hung out with enough girls to know the truth. We girls love food or food loves us, whatever!


11. Women like bras.

We women like our freedom but at the same time we love how our fancy bras can give us that extra push and make us feel relax on some days. And especially when we wear a pretty, expensive one. Actually, we love to collect different types of it.


Now that you all know it, what are you gifting?


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