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10 Things Book Lover Will Relate To.

Date: 2019-07-12 18:24:18

By Manveen


It is great sadness that the modern day reader has no patience and wants everything so simplified and to the point. To find somebody who loves reading books these days is such a delight, somebody convincing you once again that maybe there is still hope that Santa Claus is real or we can find the lost treasure.

These 10 things book lovers will relate to me:

1. A forver book is all you can trust.

A book is always found with you no matter where you go. You would even carry a bag in your bag which holds more books. You read while you travelling to and from your destinations.


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2. So many collections of bookshelves

Everybody finds something or the other for themselves on the internet and Pinterest, as do you. You have saved so many collections of bookshelves and book nooks in your Pinterest gallery, you can spend an entire day looking at it. #Admire


3. You always have savings for new books.

Even if you are on a tight budget, you will find some savings for a new book. You are more likely to skip a movie outing or a latest Zara sale, books will always find a place in your house.


4. Borrowing books is a ritual.

Lending and borrowing books to you are not just another activity or something that you did, it's a ritual. It is almost sacred. The person might mean something special to you and only then would you want to share your book.


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5. Books accesories.

Not just books you also invest in bookmarks and other book-related accessories and dare somebody to fold a book or your book's page as a bookmark.


6. PLan cancel because you want to spend time with books.

Many times you have canceled your plans with friends and family because you were glued to your book and did not want to part away from it without finishing it.


7. Harry Potter, Game of Thrones does not attract you if books are near you.

Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, no matter how blockbuster the movie or the series becomes, you will not watch it unless and until you have read or finished reading the book. You have special gestures reserved for books.



8. Kindle my best friend.

You have a kindle and still are keen on buying books and no matter how many times somebody tells you to read online, you just cannot give up the authentic feel of reading from a book.


9. Forever library love.

You are jealous of the Beast from Beauty and the beast because of the huge library he had. You would rather spend your entire life in a library like that.


10. Exploring cities for library.

The reason you have explored cities was in search of newer libraries and now you can name each one of them on your tips.


Okay, bye, going to read another book.


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