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10 Signs You Are Loving Quarantine/Lockdown.

Date: 2020-04-23 13:39:29

By Manveen

quarantine life

You know what they about extreme habits, they never do anybody any good. Once you are in something or some situation for long, you eventually get used to it. Coming to terms with your situation is one thing, but getting addicted to it is another. What if you hate going back to work? What if the pollution will screw up the planet again? What if you will be forced to socialize again?

Here are 10 signs you are loving quarantine:

1.) Sleeping pattern.

Early to bed, early to rise. Presently, the nomenclature of early is the opposite. We sleep at 6 AM (which is early by the way!) and wake up at 3 PM. Now see, the notion of waking up early does not specify if we should sleep early at night or early in the morning. It just says early, so it is our choice.


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2.) What time is it?

Why does it matter? The clock should be changed to eat-sleep-watch something-scroll Instagram and repeat. We do not need the concept of time and distribution of hours anymore.


3.) What is the day today?

Again, what for? All of us wanted more weekends, now everyday is every day. There is no monotonous Monday no Sundays with anxiety, just every day.

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4.) Life feels like summer vacation.

Back when we were in school and exactly how we felt about school opening. Well, some of us, have the same feelings towards the lockdown opening as well. We have grown comfortable with it now.


5.) Food habits.

All we do is cook and eat. We do not need Zomato or Swiggy anymore, we have learned life-saving hacks. The normal routine will never give us enough time to indulge in leisurely activities.


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6.) The world sucked anyway.

The main reason, Earth is damned. Humans cursed it. Most of us were dead inside anyway. Have you looked at the number of people following and liking Nihilist memes? Exactly, our point!


7.) Netxflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc.

We have new hobbies which include blankly staring into the screens, cannot give them up now.


8.) Work from home is better.

Work from home is a good way of lifestyle that should be followed even after the lockdown. Imagine the fuel a person wastes to reach the office. Even if they use public transport, they are overpopulating the vehicles, we need to save energy. Offices consume so much electricity, work from home can save that. We needed an alternate lifestyle, this is it.



9.) You do not feel like seeing certain people.

Like your colleagues, boss, teachers, ex, etc. Now you cannot see them and have never felt liberated .


10.) Introvert life rocks!

Everybody who grew up being an introvert and was forced to socialize for the l=sake of community and work-life is thinking about the futility of human communication. Are we not living through this? Who said you need to socialize to fit in. Jokes on all the extroverts out there. Introverts can survive a pandemic with ease.



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