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Tag Your Sibling And Tell Them How Lucky You Are To Them.

Date: 2020-11-24 16:20:02

By Manveen

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If you have watched Harry Potter you would know of this one candy called "Every flavored bean" and by every flavor, we mean every flavor, including Apple, Strawberry, Blueberry, ear wax, blood, dust, soil, etc. and you can never know which one is which till you taste it and my friend having a sibling is exactly the same.
It can either be a good sweet experience or it can be as disgusting as ear wax in your mouth. But what if you are the strawberry and your sibling is the ear wax, no?

No matter how much this creature disgusts you, you still feel the need to look after and provide for that disgusting little piece of shit.

Here are 10 signs of how lucky you are to your sibling:

1. You know everything about their life.

You are probably more interested in your sibling's life than your own. You have abundant self-confidence that you will never fuck up but you cannot say the same for your sibling whence they need to be protective.


2. Their drama = Your drama.

Their problems are your problems too, and no matter what they have done, how bad they have messed up you just cannot leave them on their own. Whatever it is, you will help them out of it.

3. You help them out of every situation.

Again, it could either be signing a note that your parents were supposed to sign or hiding a dead body, they have to ask for it and you will do it. Yes, you will scold them first, but you will help them out anyway.


4. You are their teacher.

Every summer not only did you sit and finish and finish your homework, but made sure your sibling was doing theirs too. At times you did their homework as well just so that they can escape some punishment.

5. You pay for both of you.

If you go for shopping, the bill is on you. If you go dining the bill is on you. You are like their own version of a fairy godmother.


6. You need all FAQ's answered.

Who they are dating, since when are they dating, why they are dating, how did they meet, you feel the need to know A to z of their life. If they are going out not only do you feel they should ask your parents' permission but also yours.

7. Advice like an aunty!

You lecture them all the time and no matter how many times they say that you are annoying, but you legit are the Tyrion Lannister of their life and only death will shut you up.


8. You fight everybody off for them.

Including your parents, yes. Say your parents told them no for a school trip, you convinced your parents for it taking a guarantee. Your parents demanded another career option; you fought for your sibling, even then because you cannot stand the fact that your sibling can be rendered helpless.

9. PT Teacher.

You taught your sibling how to ride a cycle, a field in cricket, the goal in football and every game that they know, including the cheat codes of GTA are all your blessings on your beloved sibling.


10. You hate living away from them.

No matter how much you grow up or they grow up, you can never be comfortable living far away from the, you worry about their well-being all the time.


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