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10 Signs That You Are The Most Chilled Out Girlfriend

Date: 2018-11-13 17:16:17

By Manveen

When somebody says "chill maar" and you are just like "maar ke dafna bhi diya" apart from lame humor you also are chilled out most of the times as a person and being in a relationship has not deprived you of this natural trait.

1. Your staple includes protein, vitamins, some carbs but not "good morning" and "I love you" texts. Yes, you love cute gestures but you rather have them as a dessert some days only because you know that too much dessert also gives diabetes so you stick to the green side only.



2. You know and also not know much about your boyfriend.

You know his favorite snack, book, footballer but what he ate at 12 noon with whom and where is just some data that your mind feels incompatible to process.


3. You have zero opinions on his individualistic habits as long as they are not life or relationship threatening. Some of your Friday nights involve binge watch and bong.


4. You know his ex and just liked her last candid that she put on Instagram too. You have achieved your inner nirvana and ex is just two letters combined together that means zero to you. The past is gone and you believe in the present and the hell you should because you are the present.


5. If you are team DC and your boyfriend defends Marvels like his birthright, you exclude him out of your list and go watch the latest DC movie all by yourself. As we said, you have attained Nirvana.No actually you are Nirvana.


6. He made a plan with his guys and did not tell you?

Where did you go? Looking for some anger? Some betrayal feeling? But found none?
More like so what big deal? The woman, you Nirvana.


7. He does not prepare for your birthday according to Pinterest standards but that is totally okay with you because you hate Pinterest too.


8. It never occurred to you to check his phone.


9. If he criticizes your style and you tried but could not get offended by it and wondered how feminists are fighting so hard these days!


10. You cannot agree with the internet and women there criticizing men and their priority and attention issues.


Ohh gosh, I am so chilled our girlfriend!! Are you the one like me?

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