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10 Signs Your Best Friend Is Brutally Honest.

Date: 2021-03-15 12:10:10

By TabloidXO

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Communication is a key aspect of our existence without it we cease to exist. It is not oxygen, but iron or lead or something as such without which you live but not in a wholesome way. It is the salt of our diets.

But what if you fail to communicate effectively?
What if you want to say does not get perceived in the way you want to?
What if people start digging up for layers of hidden unspoken meanings in your actions?

Such things happen in the case of sugar-coated dialogues. It is no shocker that our generation vies so much for honesty but can we be honest to all?
No, we cannot. As much as our school books dictated and as much as we would like to, such a thing is not possible. We are not in a position to offend anyone in any way unless and until your surname is Carrington.

An honesty of this kind mostly comes from family and friends, perhaps not all your friends. With the drift in family structures, families fail the cause of honesty as well, so what are we left with?

To have a best friend who is brutally honest with you, there must be some signs that you would have gone through, such as:

1.) It offends you.

As much as you deny it, it does. Another part of honest communication is to admit truly your feelings and to have somebody else point at our drawbacks is not an easy thing to take, which is okay.


2.) It hurts you too.

Perhaps sometimes the anger clouds your judgment, but it has more to do with the fact that your dearest beloved does not look at you the way you want to be.


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3.) The reward.

The fact that your best friend does not think you a unicorn, but as a human with flaws and also accept your flaws and love you, all the same, is a far more wholesome feeling than being delusional about somebody else's perception.


4.) Gives you a broader perspective.

Now that you are in a clearer sky you can all see your drawbacks and have a chance to improve them and build a better version of you.


5.) Reward: 2.

Another reward that comes out of an honest communicated relationship is when they tell you that they love you, you do not doubt that either. Just like every cloud's silver lining, this is one of the best ones in such a situation.



6.) Call it a privilege.

Again, honesty is a two-way road. If you can be told the truth, then you can speak to and just as your best friend is also flesh, bones, and shortcomings so you can tell them theirs as well.


7.) Trust.

The foundation of your relationship is a novel one, whence to have anybody else shit things between the two of you, you both let communication sort the misinterpretation.


8.) Felt insulted by your best friend?

That is where you stand most of the times, sometimes the honesty can be brutal, and sometimes it happens in public which is not a very pleasant experience and we agree.


9.) Save yourself from a fashion Faux Pas.

So if Miley wore something and looked bomb, but you not so much, but who would dare say that to you? Your best friend.


10.) Counting stars and counting who you really got.

Despite all that, one thing you know very clearly is the fact that with the storm comes tsunami, you know who's really got you back.


To accept honesty and live with it is not an easy task, but happens to be one of the best things to happen to one. So, jaisa bhi friend hain, tumhara hi hain.


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