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10 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

Date: 2019-02-07 17:05:23

By TabloidXO Writers

A relationship works when both the partners put efforts to stick around with each other in spite of the problems that arise along the path. Both the partners realise what the other is doing for the relationship to be on track. Similarly, if something odd starts to happen in the relationship they get to know it. But instead of jumping to any conclusions anytime soon let us help you look out for these 10 signs in your partner to decide whether he or she is cheating on you or not.

1. Partner becomes overly protective for his/her phone.

When cheating is on your partner's mind, he/she will become more aware of his phone all the time. As soon as there is text on the phone, your partner would be checking it. You won't be allowed much alone time with the phone now as there would be much at stake.


2. Partner cares less for you and shows lack of intimacy.

If your partner is cheating on you, it would be evident through his/her behaviour. They would start caring less for you like it doesn't matter what you do or you don't. They really don't have the time to think about any of it. There is lack of intimacy in everything they do be it drinking a cup of coffee together or having sex.


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3. Comparison with the significant others.

Your partner doesn't seem happy with you ever. There is always some problem or the other and you get compared with the other ladies/ men even in small things. They tend to demean you in every way possible so that you would not have anything to blame on them.


4. Throwing a lot of hissy fits now and then.

Your partner gets irritated by you even in the smallest things and throw hissy fits on you unnecessarily. You would not be able to find one good reason as to why he/she is doing this. One day or two days is fine as you may think there might be lot of office work on their mind. But when this turns out to be an everyday behaviour then there is something fishy going on.


5. Unusual presence on social platforms.

Being active on social platforms is not a problem but when your partner seems to be very much active on social platforms without making you a part of it is when you get worried. If you stalk him/her you would see them being online quite a lot more than they used to be. Another worrying thing is when they use snapchat more for any conversations since there is no history stored on snapchat for you to find out. So, look out for their app and their streaks.


6. Having long working hours.

Things get serious when a lot of meetings arise and when the normal business hours become long. They show more commitment in their work rather than in you. They leave early from home and come late from work.


7. Avoiding you for the usual talks and walks.

Initially, your partner would share less time with you talking and going out for walks with you. But with time you see that he/she starts to avoid you long time to be his/her companion in any talks or walks. You don't happen to be the person he can share things with.


8. Cancel plans most of the time.

When your partner is cheating, expecting them to make plans for outings or dinners would be useless. If they acknowledge the plans that you make should be considered very high of them because mostly you will see that they would keep cancelling the plans giving work excuses all the time.


9. Changing security passwords.

You get to know when the situation has worsened when the security password of the phone tends to be different every few weeks. This is the moment when it is most alarming. They don't want any window left for them to get caught.


10. Overreact on matters concerning trust topic.

If you try to bring up any questions regarding their behaviour, first they will try to let it go for as long as possible without picking a fight and telling you everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about. But when these questions would not stop then they would overreact and blame it on you. Any pathetic excuse would be fine for them to put it on you so that they could just get out of the situation for the time being.


When your instinct (your gut) says that something is wrong don't ignore it but don't overreact on it very soon. Wait for some time and look for the signs. If you see that your partner's behaviour is not changing for the better, take action, ask for the truth. You do not need to demean yourself for anyone's sake. It is important for a relationship to be healthy for your well-being, work for it and still nothing is happening get over with it. Life is about more things rather than demeaning yourself. You deserve to enjoy your life.


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