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10 Things Every Intern Will Relate To.

Date: 2019-07-29 18:14:47

By Manveen

Interns life rocks!

It is shocking that nobody has made a page dedicated to trolling life of an intern or written books on it, the content for this will be endless on the internet. It is a phase that everybody has been through and not many wish for those days to come back.

All those who went through the internship life, you all must be cursing your boss right now, but anyways;


Not much nostalgia associated with this one thing in the past tense.

Here are 10 things every intern will relate to:

1. Bottom of the food chain.

Being an intern is literally the lowest rank in any company, even the security guards have a permanent ID card but interns function on a temporary one.

2. Being broke is a permanent phase.

Some companies don't pay and the rest doesn't pay well. Internships make you thankful for your parents and their job and career.


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3. Boredom is reality.

You don't get to do something concrete and fill in for anybody and everybody that mostly leaves you with disinterest and ample of hours to waste on a daily basis.

4. Lack of self-worth.

If person A makes a mistake he will yell at person B, if person B makes a mistake she will yell at C, if C mistakes, then C yells at D and you are the Z of the chain. You get yelled at for everybody's mistake and have nobody to yell at.


5. Uncertainty.

Everyday feels like your last day because even if your mentor's wife is annoying, he will come and take it out on you and you know never know when he will fire you in the heat of a moment.

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6. Hatred towards the universe.

You would rather be a dog than an intern, A cat is not so bad either or maybe even an engineer with a 20k job.


7. Being clueless.

You get vague orders daily and no substantial material or work to do. You are clueless about what your contribution is really and how you will answer the question where they ask you about your value as a company's asset.

8. Coffee-xerox-printouts!

No internship offer ever said this, but deep down in the heart of our hearts, we begin learning how to make coffee nicely before our internship starts!


9. Extra hours.

If your boss has a hangover you need to show up early. If your boss has a meeting in the evening, you need to stay late in the office. Does not matter what you do at that time as long as you are physically present to lie on your boss's behalf.


10. Zero acknowledgment.

Even if you will find the cure for cancer your the boss will ask you to come up with a better idea and 25 rough iterations. Welcome to the life of an intern!


Phew! Old Days.


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