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10 Things Girls Want In A Relationship And Every Man Should Know

Date: 2018-11-10 13:46:19

By Manveen

If you go and search right now and look up for content on women and what they desire they all have jokes on how their no means yes and something means nothing while there nothing is everything about all this what we have to say is that everything on this is just utter crap.

Data made from guys who could not believe that girls would say no to them and mean it so they rather chose to make stand up's out of their assumptions but to cut this long queue short and apart from philosophical spiritual emotions that supposedly surround us we have a list of what you should do for your girlfriend.

1.) We love food as much as you do. You ordering the cheeseburger? Order one for her too. We like being thin but not denying ourselves American culinary pleasures so take us out more where there is food and we watch us eat like a baby dinosaur.


2.) Now that the "roti" aspect is settled let us head towards "kapda". Kapda we love, well most of us do and if you are going to be a complete bore with us on shopping, do not join the voyage and let us wander the seas with our gal pals. Yes, women love spending time with their boyfriends but if you cannot make shopping a sport for yourself then find a mutual sport that you two would enjoy and we can spare you the shopping charade. And if you can encourage her shopping bills well nothing like that!

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3.) Pamper the shit out of your girlfriend when her friends are around, yes pampering, in general, is always welcome but around her friends? When even it is not her birthday? You will unlock all boyfriend achievement levels. Gals love their pals but we could always have people envy our lifestyles and how many guys out there know how to put up a good show, huh?


4.) Not make fun of her style game. See first of all you are a guy and you are basic, just plain simple basic, kay?

But women have more to fret about. There is Moschino with all the bling and Ralph with all sophistication and you do not want us to get started on Avante garde so you stick to your polo shirts and let us wear multiple layers with the most kitsch accessory even on the sunniest day and let other girls admire us, you do not know the girl world rules. Comfort second, fashion first so just hop on and let us have all eyes on us.


5.) Know when to surprise her.

Women do not like surprises that make them look bad. So you planned her a surprise birthday party, she will come back home from office all tired and messed up and bam everybody is there and the party begins and with it begins the photography sessions where everybody came well prepared and dressed and the birthday girls look like a ghost, she would love you and hate you at the same time.

So give her a heads up to dress bomb with whatever reason you can and then surprise her. That is what she wants to be precise.


6.) Coexistence.

You love marvels and she raves about The Notebook and that is okay. You love this person for sharing core values with you and not entertainment genre, remember that?
So if you cannot watch movies together, you guys can find something else to do. Do not judge her choices and impose yours on her.


7.) Correct her but not in front of everyone.

If she misspelled a word wrong, you do not have to correct her in front of everybody. Give her Wren & Martin lessons later but she will consider it a serious humiliation if you do that to her in front of everybody.


8.) The benefit of the doubt.

See you have to know this thing that menstruation gives women weird hormones and they have zero control over it so if she wants to zone out and be by herself give her this one benefit of the doubt and just let her be.


9.) "It is not you, it is me"

Yes and we mean it. Exact words literally!
Fuck what Zakir Khan has to say we are not from the biblical era and if we cannot decide what we want we can very clearly pin point what we don't want and what we don't is for you to find double layers in our words. We say what we mean and that's it.


10.) Space issues.

Who so ever said that all girlfriends just want to obsess over their boyfriends has completely misguided you. You have taken wrong turns Sir. Women are equally obsessed with their own space and individuality and want the same amount of space as you do.


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