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Dear Guys, These 10 Things Girls Notice About You While On A Date.

Date: 2019-09-03 13:36:47

By Mansha

Every guy has its own charm, but every girl has her definition about finding charm in a guy and that's why dates are for! It's for girls to see if a guy is her type or whether she have to carry on her search for finding a right man.

There are times when every guy asks us about what exactly a girl looks for in a guy and every time, we feel lost about what to say and how to say? But today, it's time to reveal on what basis we judge a man.

Guys hold your heart and listen to what all things girls on a date notice about guys:

Dressing sense:

No girl wants a guy, who doesn't know how to color coordinate his jeans with shirts or shoes because it's a turn off when guys come to you in a green shirt with blue jeans. Every girl looks for a guy, who knows how to pull off his clothes.


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Tiny little things matters to girls like, eating with mouth closed, using cutlery in a right manner or holding a chair when she sits and when guys, eats like they haven't got food in ages or sitting before she sits as if it doesn't matter to him, it makes every girl feel disgusted.


The way he speaks:

Gentlemen are those, who know how to be kind towards a girl. No girl would see a guy, who has no idea about being soft while speaking.



Yes, it does matter because who doesn't want a partner with killer looks and when it comes to a girl, she would look for a handsome guy who can steal her heart in one go.


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Those broad shoulders and a chest to die for can kill any girl because the physique is a sign of manhood and girls feel less attracted to guys, who have no muscles.


How he smells:

A guy with bad body odor is the worst turn off as every girl looks for a guy, who smells good and would make you feel wonderful all the time about being with him.


If he is groomed:

Dirty nails, non-shaped beard, blackheads on face or hair smelling is the nightmare for girls because girls like a man, who knows how to be hygienic and looks good to the world.


His confidence while he speaks:

Some guy's sweat while talking to a girl and that makes a girl distant because ladies look for a guy, who is confident about having her. Girls need a confident guy who can build her confidence too.



If he is checking other girls out:

Some guys have a habit of checking every girl out who passes them by and this makes every girl furious as they expect his loyalty and attention because that matters the most to all the women out there.


And, the way they look at them:

Every girl tries to find love, attraction, lust in the eyes of her guy and when they find those eyes glaring at them, their hearts automatically felt attracted towards them. The girls try to notice the way they feel for them.


We hope you guys got the NOTICE GAME of us.


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