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10 Things You Will Relate To When You Are Too Romantic But Your Partner Is Not

Date: 2019-06-04 16:10:10

By Mansha

Romance is as important in the relationship as oxygen is essential to breathe. Without romance and intimacy, every relationship is baseless. So, it is important for both the partners to maintain the spark of lust, but not every person is the same. Some people are hopelessly romantic and the rest of them are least interested in showing their affection through their actions.

Have you ever thought, what it's like when one partner is romantic and the other one is not? Things you will relate to if you are too romantic but your partner isn't.

You are the only one who plans surprises:

Be it a surprise lunch at their workstation or roses all over the bed. You believe in surprise them in the best possible ways and you never feel hurt or less satisfied if they don't give you any surprises back because you have already accepted them in the way they are.


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You initiate sexy text messages:

Because, you know, they will never as they lack in showing romance. Every time you initiate those sexy messages when far and things get pretty much overboard as you expected.


You compliment them every day:

Because for you, they are the most beautiful or handsome person alive and as a romance guru, you make them blush by your sweet and cute sayings.


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Candlelight dinners are your must have:

As the romance is never incomplete without romantic candlelight dinners, holding hands and those passionate kisses are must-haves during all those lusty nights.


You dedicate songs to them:

You believe in showing your love through songs, mumbling those romantic lines or simply, taking them into your arms and sing to them with love in your eyes. We all know, what happens afterward (wink-wink).


Decorating their meals:

Those smiles made up of ketchup on toasts or lovely messages on desserts. You never leave a chance to tell them, how much you love them.



You never forget important dates:

And along with that, you never forget to plan surprises for them on those special dates like the first kiss, when you first met and many more because those dates would always be special to you, as you got them as your soul partner.


Giving good morning and night kisses:

The first you do after opening your eyes is, kissing them and last thing you do before sleeping is, kissing them because they belong to you and your heart and soul belong to them.


You want those nights under the stars:

That has always been your dream to lie down under the stars with your partner because you want the universe to witness your love.



PDA never gets old for you:

No matter how old you get, you never get bored of showing physical affection in public like, kissing, hugging or being too touchy because you are known by your romantic nature and more than that, even though your partner doesn't admit the fact that they love it when you do romance but deep inside, they want you to show it.


Opposites attract and when it comes to romance, one person in the relationship has to be a master in romance as without it the relationship won't last and spark would be gone with time.

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