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'India Needs A Change', Here Are 9 Things Which We Need To Change In Ourselves

Date: 2019-04-25 12:49:30

By TabloidXO Writers

As Indians we often ignore one fact, which is that we are not yet a developed country, but a developing country and there is so much that we still need to learn. As humans, there always been a scope to learn and grow, one can never be too learned or too grown, one can always improvise. Here are ten things that India should be more open to learn and learn them:

1.) You can respect something and still question it.

This is often the case when in matters of religion and politics, you can believe in God, be a holy religious person yet question the norms, but often gets confronted by religious fanatics, but little do they know that it is not god, but people who made the norms and these norms are Folkways, practices invented by people and not god, so technically you are questioning people and not god.


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2.) Love for one's culture need not mean hate for another.

You can be a patriotic person yet question the government, you can love your country and still criticize it's practices and if you love India, then you can also sympathize with people with any caste, color and religion.


3.) Sex is sex and that is just it.

It is quite ironical for a land who invented Kamasutra to diss sex the way it does. People fuck, sex happens and why is that such a big deal is an epic failure on people's understanding.


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4.) Acceptance and love.

Indian aunties lose their heads the moment they hear the word "live in" or "dating" but what is wrong and offensive about somebody simply being in love and wanting to live a warm and loved life?


5.) Animals should matter, but not more than humans.

You know animals are on a very low rank in the food chain, next to pigs and fishes. Humans made societies and they domesticated some animals with them, but hunting and killing is a part of nature and how India banned beef is quite a questionable thing because if killing and eating a cow is wrong then why is killing and eating chicken or mutton not wrong? Stupid double standards, that's all.


6.) Women have to take the bullet everytime.

If you get cat called by men, it is your fault. If you get ogled by men, it is your fault. If you get raped, even this is your fault. It makes zero sense why having a pe**s validates everything, almost as if it hinders the brain whence one acts beastly.


7.) Black/ Brown/ White.

Ironic as it is Indians' natural and more predominant skin complexion is brown and the extent to which they despise it and attempt to achieve a fairer one is beyond comprehension. They fail to understand why skin colour is just a colour and makes zero impact on how a person will go on about his life.



8.) Cleanliness and sanitation.

For a country where they worship the land and the water both as their mother and god, India shows no decency towards it in reality. They do not mind pissing on their motherly streets and shitting in their holy water, double standards again.


9.) Respect for each other.

Honestly, people in India can murder somebody for not having the same god as they do so, it is quite difficult for them to understand that the daily labourer is also a human and as if his wife and children that needs to be respected. They do not mind paying thousands for a computer or laptop repair where the guy just comes in for an hour and fixes the gadget and is paid heavy, but if the homemaker asks for a cup of tea in cold harsh winters, it drills holes in their coffers.


Can we see the change? We hope, yes!


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