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12 Things I Want Money Minded Person To Know.

Date: 2019-08-07 17:24:25

By Mansha

There are people around us, who judge people on their earnings and if they are rich or there are people, who believe in showing off their materialistic things. Don't they annoy you and you feel like smacking them down for their idiotic behavior because of whatever they have.

We meet people, some of them become our dearest and favorites, they become an essential part of our lives and with them, we make the best memories of our lives and we call them, "friends": a family which we chose for ourselves but all people are not the same because they are money minded.

They make new relationships on the basis of whether they match up to their standards and to such people, I am here to try to make their thinking better. I hope this would help them...

1. Value relationships.

Start value relationships rather than worshipping money because the money would come and go, but relationships would support you in your thick and thin...


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2. Money can't buy you happiness.

Money can't buy you happiness; it can just buy you some of the materialistic things whose happiness would be for a short span of time...


3. Focus on building a stronger bond.

Focus on building a stronger bond with your current relationships rather than focusing on money and materialistic things because, in the long run those things won't accompany you, but friends and family will.


4. Focus on how to be successful, and not on fetching money by any way.

Don't focus on being rich, so that you can buy everything out there that exists in the world, instead, focus on being successful and money would follow you on its own.


5. Love and care people around you.

Love people for their caring and loving soul, not for how much they spend or what brands they hold because in the end, people would care for you, not money.


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6. Don't show off.

Showing off doesn't make you look like a rich person instead you seem like a desperate person, who can go to any extent for money and other materialistic things.


7. Get scared from Karma.

Letting people go only because they had less money or not enough money, then mark my words, Karma is a bitch and you will end up all alone in guilt for hurting their emotions.


8. Stop judging and entertaining people.

Stop judging and entertaining people on the basis of, "how much they earn" because they work as hard as you to have a decent life and lifestyle. Respect them for their success and hard work, not for their money.


9. Make memories, not money.

When you will be on your deathbed, money won't accompany you to heaven, but the happy memories that you have collected with your family and friends would. So, choose wisely.



10. Money should not be your primary focus.

If money would take a stronghold on your mind and soul, then you would not be able to live a peaceful life because your demands would be never-ending and no matter how much you have, you will always crave for more.


11. Share a small portion of your earning with poor.

If you are not sharing even a single penny with poor's, then you are the poorest and shallow person of all.


12. Spend time with family.

In the race of making money, don't forget to spend time with your family because money can wait to enter into your life, but once the family is gone, it will never come back, which will make you live in guilt of not giving them the time which they deserved.


People, set your priorities right before it gets too late and in the race of being rich, you end up all alone with lots of money but no love and care.


Life can't be lived without money, but when that money gets a stronghold over your mind and everywhere else, you start losing other valuable things. Think right and do right.


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