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10 Things Parents Say If You Are Doing Fashion Design.

Date: 2020-11-16 03:39:48

By Manveen

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In a country where every parent wants their children to become either a doctor or an engineer then literally wanting to become anything else is just not acceptable. If you are still looking at jobs such as a teacher or bank, you are sorted. To an extent even just mindlessly studying in Delhi University and taking another five years to figure out is also acceptable, but the word "fashion" rings so many alarms in people's head, you do not know which one to stop first.

Here are 10 Things You Must Have Heard From Your Parents if You Are Doing Fashion Design:

1. Do you do drugs?

Just because you watched the movie "Fashion", does not mean that everybody is there for drugs. It is an industry that flourished from France, made fans out of kings and queens, gave the nobility, something to aspire for and has made several dreams come true but all you can think about is drugs? Sigh!

indian parents

2. Don't do drugs.

If you convince them that you do not do drugs you cannot convince them that others here also do not do drugs. If there are people doing drugs then you are under the probability too, so then again, are you doing this course for drugs?

3. Degree or diploma?

National Institute of Fashion Technology has 15 campuses in India. It is one of the best ones in Asia and they offer a 4 year degree course. All clear and understood now? There are diploma colleges as well, but you have both the choices for you just like any other.

indian parents

4. Job scope?

Do you actually believe people will stop buying clothes if something goes long or that the rich will care about anything apart from their social circle and couture? Luxury will always thrive.

5. Money?

Truth being told, not enough, but hey, that is the price you pay for your dreams and ambitions, right?

indian parents

6. Is it a stable career option?

Is anything stable? Is any job stable? Is life itself stable? Ask yourself now!

7. Are you sure?

See it might come off as a scary thought to invest so much in a degree that does not pay fair or has good work ethics, but what other choice do we have and especially in developing third world countries?

indian parents

8. Do you really have to do this?

Why cannot people accept the fact that some of us just do not want to live and are more inclined towards doing what makes us happy?

9. Why does it cost a fortune?

Uh, because fashion is a luxury, It is not for everybody. Only limited people get through the tests and the machinery and stationery come at a cost. The gadgets and electronics and their cost of maintenance is even higher, what can we do?

indian parents

10. "Dekhlo".

This is the classic Indian response from parents in every situation. Almost as if we are not responsible if you fail in life. Ugh!

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