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Dear Parents, These 10 Things Which We Want You To Please Understand

Date: 2018-08-07 13:12:13

By Abhishek


The relationship between us with our parents is like a cake-cherry, both the combination makes a beautiful bond. Sometimes some things do not work well and which leads to confusion and lil anger. Although we know things will get settle down some time later, why to get tensed even for a few minutes. So to fend off these circumstances we would love to share our thoughts.

The points listed are very sensitive and we have put all our heart out with due respect.

Dear Parents,

1. We need our personal space sometimes. By saying this we are not disobeying you, we love you and we seriously do but there are some serious problems in our lives which we can't share because as we were kids you told us to be strong and face challenge's like a lion, now this is what we are trying to do, we don't want you to get tensed, we don't want you to overthink our issues, we just want you to stay happy see the success of your child.


2. Yes, parents, we are adults and we have friends and yes some of them may get an extra bold, but that does not mean we too will get affected by anyone and anywhere, that friend is not wearing any magnetic fields or our brain is not a kid anymore which will make us their puppet. It's their choice let them be them and let me be me.


3. Ok agreed, sometimes we get confused, at that moment our life is traveling aimlessly and also we had no idea how to clear our own bloody mess, but that does not mean we cannot even try!! We just need your support as well as time and trust me... we all are Gucci!! We will make you proud soon!!


4. We do not want to get married pronto, that's the fact.
Yes, we actually do not want to get married too early!! Your time was different, as time changes we have to adapt accordingly. And I really do not want you to make angry faces because of me. You said, you want me to be happy, so this is what I wish for, I have my own aspirations which I wanted those to get fulfilled and then I promise I will marry with whoever, whenever, and wherever you want(*).


5. No, we are not against arranged marriage, not at all but if we choose someone before you start searching, we would love to happily marry our better half, and we really hope that you will be by our side and will be equally happy in accepting them as family. After all, it's the love which is looked when two souls connect, right?


6. We are not being harsh but we really do not want to live our life without even diving into the playground. Let us experience our own success or struggles, rather than living our life on someone else terms and inculpate the other people around or either way. Although you're valuable suggestions and guidance will be respected but we want to try our own stuff even if it cost a failure, at least I will gain "The Self-earned" experience which will help in future.


7. I totally agree, yes, life was never a cakewalk for you. You have struggled a lot; you earned respect in every quarter s of life, which we are so proud of. But life has never been sweet for us either. It's just that the style of a struggle which has changed but the result which it offers is unbelievable.


8. Punishment won't always teach us our lesson. Everyone makes mistakes even you too must have done some bloomer when you were a teen and you should know how it feels to get a punishment, but still you tried on us. Your punishment will not make us a good person which your love and care can do.


9. Let us be free and by this, we don't mean we are fed up with you. We are just saying let us be more independent, let us be a bird. Your obsessiveness of protecting us will influence us to fickle, ignoring you and start lying to you. This is our request to you all, let's just walk the ramp together with a shining smile


10. I know you want to be by my side and show your full support in my decisions but due to padosi/rishtedaar (relatives) pressure, you are not able to show your consent. But don't worry dad, maa your eyes have said it all. We are Gucci!! And relatives are Abidas(fake)!! So chill.


We love you and seriously do, We just need your constant support and be like our buddies, we will rock the world together.

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