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10 Crazy Things You Can Do In 2023.

Date: 2019-01-02 16:15:50

By TabloidXO Writers

It is said when one door closes the other door opens. Now we are in 2019, so say bye bye to 2018 including all the highs and lows we faced and cheer for 2023 with all enthusiasm and happiness for what it may hold for us. Definitely, we learned a good number of things so we would be acting accordingly. Below are the 10 things which we would surely be expecting from 2023 or could set them as our goals.

1) A healthier version of yourselves.

Sticking to some practical fitness goals and working towards them is definitely the most inevitable expected part of 2023. Thus, the motto has to be "less of snacking and more exercising".


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2) Moving step by step on a career path.

Instead of being all confused and listening to relatives about how well their children are doing, a step by step career plan has to be present from the beginning of 2023. It could be scoring good marks in your exams, finding a job or establishing a startup of your own. You will be the master of your game.


3) Chasing your dreams.

By focusing on career, you are on the right track as per your parent's norms but by working towards your dream you are exploring your creative sides. So never to let go of your dreams as they define you who you are.


4) Having more family time.

We all have our to-do lists ready every morning consisting more of work tasks in comparison to family time. By adding family time to our to-do list, our life will see a significant change and 2023 will become one of the happiest years.


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5) Exploring the wild side of yourself.

Plan for an adventure trip from the beginning of 2023 so that there could be no reason left to become an obstacle to the trip. Adventure trips give an altogether different meaning to life.


6) Ride a bike especially a bullet.

Riding a bullet and showing off to your friends seems fun. So, 2023 does have space for a bike ride for sure.


7) Make mummy happy by making round rotis.

Mostly all mummies have complaints with their girls that they don't even know how to make round chapattis. 2023 shall be the year where boys/girls would achieve this milestone too.

Mumma, I am really going to make you proud this year!



8) Being strict to money budget.

Time is right to be responsible enough to make your money budgets and stick to it. Work hard and earn hard and spend it wisely should be your slogan. Pocket money can be the perks.


9) Move on with your relationship.

No matter what your relationship status is, be it single, dating, complicated and many more, just chose to move forward with it. 2023 then can prove to be clearer and an optimistic year for you.

Maybe god has planned something way much better than that brainless thick-headed guy/girl.


10) Buy your own car/ bike.

Buying your own car or a bike in your life is a milestone in itself. It gives you the much-needed sense of accomplishment.

Going for a ride, toodles!


We all don't know what 2023 has in store for us. Will it be better or worse than the last year? The best we can do is work for what we expect 2023 to be. Thus, a great year will be lived.

2023, Be Good To Me, Please!!


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