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10 Things Every Student Must Do In The Last Year Of College.

Date: 2021-03-04 14:09:45

By TabloidXO


If the school was your second home, your beloved place then college is just a roller coaster ride that you are very thankful that you made it through but before you go out from your college and bid a final goodbye, there are certain things which are every student dream and we hope you do not want to leave with any regrets.

Here are 10 things you should do before your college ends:

1. Make amends.

Pretty much everybody in college has had multiple friends and broken off multiple friendships. Chances are after college you might not even hear those names again but chances are that one day you might bump into them in a public place a decade later and it will be awkward to not say hi then.

2. Maximum use of student ID.

If college comes with hundred issues, student ID's come with multiple discounts and before your ID becomes invalid and you have to pay 100% liquid on everything, make the most out of all student offers. Laptop companies, gym membership; all comes at a heavy discount on students id card. Make the most of it before the last day of college approach.


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3. Push your limits.

Somewhere in the middle of college life we become very comfortable with what we have and stop trying to accept changes in life so maybe this is the best time for you to push your limits and come out of your comfort zone and do that one thing you were always scared of.

4. Visit the popular places around your college.

Be it a Maggi joint or that park where you guys made so many memories. Even if you already have just spend as much time there with all your friends and enjoy these moments because you do not know when will be the next time that all of you will be together.

5. Be respectful.

You probably would have gotten into a lot of arguments or fights and now that you think about it maybe all of that was pointless. Do not let anybody take bad memories of you, be kind and gracious towards everybody.

6. Learn something new.

If there was a class that you always wanted to take or wanted to attend a seminar then go do it before you no longer are allowed to do it.

7. Be above the gossip and tantrums.

College life is so full of it that by the end you are exhausted and maybe you should stop participating in all these acts, keep yourself above it, and as we said do not let anybody take bad memories of you.


8. Let go of extra baggage.

You would have bought multiple clothes or goods that you never needed so just let go of all that including the hate and negativity that you acquired meanwhile. Talk to those friends whom you stopped talking to.

9. Make a bucket list.

Just make a list of all that you wanted to do so that you can cross-check and make sure that nothing is left to be done once you walk out your college gate for the final.

10. Take that Goa trip, finally.

For god sake please do this or whatever plans or place you had in mind, just do it. Call out your friends, have some serious discussion and book the ticket then and there before any of your friends backstab you at the last moment.


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