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10 Things We Wish We Knew When We Were Kids.

Date: 2019-05-06 18:18:38

By Manveen

Childhood was a beautiful phase of our lives, so simple and joyful. Everybody was your friend and there was no second layer to anything, whatever was in front of you, that was it. No secrets, no lies, no worries. The future was not scary and the only thing to worry about was, what time will your let you out to play. Good old days!

However, if being an adult would have come with a memo, life would be a lot simpler, maybe it would not have changed a thing but at least could have given us a heads up. Here are ten things we wish we knew when we were kids:

1. Nothing lasts forever.

The biggest lesson that anybody can learn from life is that no matter what the situation, good or bad, nothing will go on forever. At one point everything ceases to be, it could be stage fright or a fight between friends, all of it came to an end at last, didn't it?


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2. Exams were important, but not the end of life.

The jitters before exams were scary, the ones before maths exam even scarier. So many children would almost fall sick under the pressure, education is important, but scoring high every time was not really necessary.


3. Most relationships are temporary.

Say you had a best friend for five-six years and you figured you would grow old with your entire Ruskin Bond charade as well, but somewhere around puberty things started falling apart and you could not understand why that was happening to you, it was happening to everybody we just had not ever thought of things to come to an end before.


4. Life is uncertain.

You could be king one day and tomorrow the last kid to be picked on in a team, you never know. No matter how cautious you would be, some yellow bus will find you and hit you.


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5. Teachers can be easily manipulated.

Remember the time when teachers were the scariest living creatures on the planet and to that there were so many more years of education to come by with several teachers, this one thought was scary enough to stop breathing and how we take teachers for granted now.


6. Swearing, smoking, and liquor are not that bad a thing.

Chances are you grew up with this idea that anyone who swears is a bad person and people who smoke up are not to be friends with, lol in all of our faces now.


7. Popularity fades with time.

There are queen bees everywhere and douchebags thinking they rule the planet, but all their self entitled fame means nothing outside the walls of the school now or does it?
Where is your school's head boy now?
Where i the most popular girl now?
Probably you are doing much better in life than they are.



8. Worlds is not that simple.

We thought if we would be good everybody around us would be good for us too, it was this simple but guess what, if you cannot fight back the world becomes much more mean to you.


9. Good values do not apply everywhere.

Again, you cannot live with Buddha's ideology and Gandhi's maxim and expect to have your life run smooth with no problems at all. You got to be Tony Stark, you got to be Arya Stark, on somedays.


10. Enjoy it whilst you can.

If we knew the days of our childhood were limited and the amount of joy that we have will never measure up, we would not have even thought of growing up but here we are.

Adios! Feel the nostalgia.


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