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10 Things Wife Is Afraid To Share With Her Husband.

Date: 2019-08-14 16:06:05

By Mansha

They say, husbands and wives should share everything, including teeny-tiny things, but in reality, that's never going to happen because they are scared of each other for many reasons, but here, we will talk about only those things, which wives feel scared to tell their husbands. Some are serious and some are funny, but not all secrets are safe to tell.

I have the intention to write this article and darling husbands, guess what that intention is?


wife afraid

Okay, let me tell you, we expect you to read our minds and this article would help you to figure out, what we think when we are upset or moody because we want you to be ANTARYAMI (omniscient).

We miss our mothers:

No matter how much we say, our mother-in-law is like our mother, but it is not like that. We miss our mothers when we see your mother feeding you with her own hands or when she shows her love while you are feverish because we never get that from her.


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We want undivided attention:

We feel left out when your attention is all scattered around us, but we feel scared to tell you, thinking you might react to it that we are too demanding.


When money gets finished soon:

You earn every penny from your hard work, sweat, and blood and you give it to us thinking we will value it, and trust us, we do value that money but we feel scared to ask for more when we spend all of it within a few days of the month.


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Listen to us:

On some days, our hearts seem heavy and at that very moment, we want you to listen to our each and every thought without interrupting, but we feel afraid of telling you these things, thinking you might judge us.


Expectations from the intimacy:

Sex is the part of the relationship and a necessity too, but on some days, our expectations are too high or too low, but we feel scared to share those thoughts because we don't want you to feel bad about it thinking, we doubt on your skills.


We need space from all the family duties:

We get tired of playing the role of the perfect daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, wife, and a mother. We crave for some personal space to spend quality time with our soul, but we feel scared to tell you as we assume, you will think that we are neglecting our duties towards our family.


Don't love us only for our body:

We love it when you adore every inch of our body, but sometimes, we crave for emotional connection and we feel frightened to tell you, thinking, you might take us wrong by assuming we don't want to share the intimacy or your touch.



When we throw that favorite shirt:

There are many clothes of yours which we hate but you love them and we throw them away when you seem less interested to wear it again. We keep that secret with you because we know you will blow on us like a volcano.


The real parlor expenses:

Beauty treatments are expensive and trust us, we tell you half of what we spend on our body because we are pretty sure, we can get a hell of a lecture about spending at the right places.


And, of course, the savings:

Because you love to ask for the money, which we save for future vacations or shopping, so we keep it as a secret because if you get to know you will snatch those away from us.


It's not only husbands are scared from their wives but wives are scared too. It goes both ways!


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