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10 Things Will Happen If Your Boyfriend Is A Bollywood Actor.

Date: 2021-03-20 11:16:17

By TabloidXO

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It starts around somewhere near or a little before puberty and never truly ends, the quest to hypothetically date your favorite celebrity. It is not something that you ever especially sat and thought about, but you know before sleeping or somewhere in the middle of boring lectures, you began to wonder where your hypothetical celebrity boyfriend would take you out on your birthday!

1. You would be super hot.


Every time you took your alternate self to this dimension you imagined yourself in Hilton-style luxury because it cannot be possible for you to not look hot now.

2. Kitty party with the queens.


So now that you are super hot with a celebrity boyfriend other women have to be jealous of you because even though you are not a celebrity, but you still have a successful career whatever it may be and other women just wish to your life. So all girls and actresses now want to hang out with you.

3. You are all that the tabloids talk about.


Mira Rajput got her fair share of attention on the internet, but she chose a very domestic approach and whence could not maintain it, but that is her and you are you, no less than the Bebo herself so you will be all that the media writes and posts about.

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4. Koffee with Karan.


Chances are that you have picked out an outfit in your head for this and every time you saw KwK's episode you had your own commentary going on in your head. Especially now that cricketers and singers are also welcome on the show, Karan will soon bring celebrities and their partners as well.

5. Bollywood debut.


For the long haul or not, but with open arms, Bollywood welcomes everybody, they will launch you in a movie as well. It is not possible that this won't happen. If Tiger Shroff can get a movie then so will you.

6. Undivided attention.


Not just from the media, but pretty much everybody you went to school/college with, friends, colleagues, family, everybody you hated, and everybody who hated you are all super envious of you.

7. Super dope parties.


The ones you will attend and the ones you will throw, every detail of the ambiance to your playlist will be a whole new level of luxe that you did not think would happen to you.

8. Foreign vacations.


With Bollywood, the boyfriend will come the lifestyle and such as every B town couple you will celebrate Christmas in New York and New year in Dubai and the only thing you will crib about will be about being jet-lagged.

9. Bollywood Shaadi's and designer labels.


The next time any star kid gets married you get an invite too and what are you worrying about the most? Sabyasachi or Shyamlal and Bhumika?

10. You will have one less issue in life.


The next time Ranveer Singh launches a movie or Shahid does a performance you would not be thinking about how amazing it would be to date a celebrity because you already are dating one.

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