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10 Things Your College Friends Will Never Believe About You.

Date: 2021-01-08 15:52:18

By Ratika

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college friends

Our friends are always around us, observing us, guiding us, helping us. They tend to become family after a point. Once you have spent years with somebody, they tend to think they know you well. But does anybody know us at all? We say something and do the exact opposite. How anybody is supposed to keep up with that? Well, some people do. The ones who care. The ones we reckon as friends.

Here are 10 Things Which Your Friends Will Never Believe About You:

1. That you are a good person at heart. Your heart aches for the needy and poor and seeing children work as labourers, pinches your heart. We barely bring up such conversations because we are too afraid to change the wheel of life and know how each conversation as such will end. Maybe that is why they do not know about this feature of yours.

2. You sometimes get hurt by their jokes. Try convincing your friends about this, but you will never succeed. What's more? They will make a joke about it and makes a joke out of you as well.

3. You are sometimes serious about life. There are days before exams we get serious but that serious is just to pass the upcoming test. Sometimes we are serious and open up about life, the future, and all the possible uncertainties but since your friends have only seen you act like a buffoon, they can never understand the brevity of your seriousness.

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4. You have a sensitive side too. When Varun Dhawan cried in Humpty Sharma watching a cliche Bollywood movie, you could relate.

5. You believe in the greater good. The kind where you believe in not engaging in gossip, not spreading rumours, sharing assignments, not bitching about a colleague to your boss, and expecting everybody else to do the same. But do you? Nope. Does anybody else? Nope. You believe in it but because you have never been able to preach it, nobody gets this part of you.

6. You want to be a part of a more purposeful life. A life that does not involve smoking up till 3 AM, going to work a hung-over, waiting for the next weekend to repeat. Sometimes you want to read a book, cook yourself a meal, pick a hobby and relax but god bless this whole concept of peer pressure.


7. You might joke about self-destruction but never are going to do it. We keep on saying "Jo Karna Hai Kar Le", "I don't care if I lose this job", "I will murder my boss" but do we ever? Nope. We, bunk classes, fail exams, miss deadlines at work, and joke about it but inside all of us feel guilty and not happy about it at all.

8. You care about your girlfriend/ boyfriend and sometimes even about your exes. It is fun to make fun of them sometimes but during that sometimes, you also miss them and despite what your friends say, you can never hate them.

9. You want to study, build a career and have a stable life. Convince one friend in your life to do that and try succeeding. We will ask the Guinness World Record to book a slot for you.

10. You are not what you say you will do. You say you do not care but deep down you do.


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