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10 Thoughts You Have On Your First Day Of Work.

Date: 2019-05-29 12:21:07

By TabloidXO Writers

The first experiences are always cherished and remembered. The first time you danced on stage, the first friend you made, the first time you tasted your favorite food and your first love. Sometimes your first times aren't all sweet, there are other firsts too, like the time you got your stitches, your first failure, and the first infamous heartbreak. When we recall these 'firsts', we think about them with nostalgia and fondness. A similar recollected experience is about the thoughts we have on our first day of work. We know all too well the mixture of nervousness and excitement.


Here are some thoughts which possibly crossed your mind on your first day at work-

1. "Shit, do I look ok? I don't want to try too hard to impress, but I want to look presentable. I don't know what to wear!"

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2. "What if I get late? Great, I am going to get fired on my first day at work. I will never be able to find the office on time and I will go to the wrong building and I will end up "You are...fired" before noon and then I will go to the chai wala stall in front and pour out my tears in my ten rupees chai. I wonder if the chai wala will hire me."

3. "I so don't want to screw up and I want to give my all in my job. What am I supposed to do? They did not give me any specifications. I am so going to screw this up. I really hope the chai wala hires me."


4. "Shit, is my phone on silent? What if it rings when the boss is giving me instructions? That's so unprofessional. And disrespectful! And then they will hate me forever. The first impression is the last impression and all that. Getting fired!"

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5. "Hey...I am finally getting the hang of it? I think? I am a genius. I mean, of course, I will be able to do this. It's too easy. Wait, why is it too easy? Am I doing it wrong?"

6. "Wait, why did they giggle in my direction? Did I do something wrong? Was it my work? Was it my outfit? No, mom said I looked nice. But she is your mom! I knew a necktie was a bit too much. No one is wearing a necktie here."


7. "EEEEEP! The boss smiled in my direction while complimenting my work. Smile back! Smile back! Thank them! Why am I keeping a blank face? I hate human communication."


8. "This is it. In ten years, I will have a cabin in this place. I love this seat, I would work here on busy days. I will bring my coffee mug and type in my laptop real fast. It will be just like in the movies. I will even get a little plant here. I am so going to make this place my other home."


9. "I am an adult. I am adult-ing now, no kidding. No, wait, that's a childish joke. I will think of a mature joke. Something science related joke? Wait, let me google a mature joke."


10. "God, this one day itself feels like a month. It's been so long. It's like I have been living here. When is it going to be 5? I wonder when will I get paid? I really don't think I will be able to buy the new iPhone in that. Hmmm, what will I do with my salary?"

How was your first experience? Any funny stories to share? Tell us in the comments below.


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