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10 Times Your Friends Need Help Urgently

Date: 2019-06-13 14:04:49

By Mansha

Have you ever looked at your friend and thought, "this person needs help"? If yes, then you have landed on the right page.

Friends can never be called as friends until they make you laugh on their weird, random and idiotic actions, which sometimes can embarrass you in front of the people and disgust you when you are alone with them in a room. They have born with a mental illness, which comes into existence only when they are with you.

The kind of actions they make, which demands mental help urgently...

Abusing in public places:

Sometimes they forget that they are sitting with other few random people with whom they need to act sophisticated but no, their that side would come out and they will abuse you at their highest volume without sensing that other people have ears too.


Spilling up their personal lives in front of strangers:

This generally happens after they get heavily drunk and they end up, spilling their secrets of life in front of the strangers only because they get too emotional to handle.


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Laughing alone:

Have you ever went to surprise them and heard them laughing alone on some stupid comic shows? I have and every time, I wish for mental help for them because who laughs alone that too watching a stupid comic show?


Keeping those eagle eyes on the opposite gender:

When they set their eyes on the opposite gender as a hungry person who hasn't had food in ages. Stop doing that as it makes you a mentally challenged person who has a mental problem of seeing every person who is crossing beside you.


Singing at their peak:

They are no singers and by singers I mean, not even a bathroom singer but still, they will sing in the club which would be full of strangers with the major confidence as if they are the ones with "Shreya Ghoshal" and "Arijit Singh" voice.


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Doing random online challenges:

They would be the one who will introduce all those funny challenges to you through tagging you on them because they can't digest their food without doing something utterly stupid.


Playing pranks on strangers:

While playing truth and dare, every friend does something crazy with the stranger and mental illness is when he or she overdoes that dare with the stranger like trying to scare the shit out of them by screaming from the behind. Yes, agree to it people, you all have done it.



Talking to their souls:

Sometimes you catch them talking to themselves about life like a total retard person. This is the greatest sign that they need mental treatment for talking to other living beings rather than talking to themselves.


Talking while sleeping:

Yes, this happens with friends when you are having a night stay with them and suddenly, you hear this laughing sound but they are sleeping. Told you, they are mental.


Laughing on all the bad timings:

You are sharing your bad day or memories but suddenly, you will listen to them laughing on all those things without any reason because they are mental. They can laugh it off any crime scene and say, "it happens, chill".


Do you also have some mental friends? If yes, then tag them and let them know, they need treatment very soon before their mental problem gets worst.


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