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1000+ Already Impressed. 10 Ways To Make Her Heart Melt.

Date: 2021-02-12 17:54:55

By Ratika

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*Set it on fire or microwave it for fifteen minutes*

Jokes apart, if she has stood long enough in your life to make you look something forward to then don't you think you should do the same for her?

It is not as complicated with girls as memes might make you think and no girl will ever say "nothing" if you ask her what she wants.

Here are ten ways how you can please her enough to make her heart melt:

1. Tea/ Coffee.

Depends on which one she likes, make her a cup of either one on a rainy day and talk about memories that you have not shared with each other or make her a cup of coffee when she has had a long day at work or is pulling up an all-nighter.

how to impress

2. Put her to sleep.

If she sleeps whilst binge-watching or decides to rest her head on the table while working, take her to bed, and put her asleep in that cute adorable Bollywood way, and kiss her forehead.

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3. Bake her a cake.

Yes, cakes are adorable and the fact that you will bake it for her will make her think you are more adorable than the cake itself. You need not be Sanjeev Kapoor, just Google a basic recipe and bake her one, that will make her day or maybe a week.

4. Leave notes around the house for her.

Randomly leave an "I love you" not or a "Miss you" sticky note on the fridge, or on the door, on the bathroom mirror, anywhere just to send out a little message that you acknowledge and appreciate her existence.

5. Paint together.

Things we did as children always leave a sweet nostalgia in our minds, use that. Go out to a pretty spot and try sketching it or paint a wall together, spend a little more time doing something you never have or do not get enough time to do together.


6. Pick her up from the office.

Not much effort but if you surprise her at her office gate and take her for dinner later, would that not be super adorable?

how to impress

7. Order her favourite food.

Yes, any random day, without her knowing order her favourite ice cream or her favourite curry and surprise her, it will make you look like you care and enough about the littlest details of her lifestyle.

8. Cuddle.

Cuddle her to sleep or kiss her often to remind her that she still means a pretty big deal to you and you still are very fond of her.

how to impress

9. Compliment her.

Say if she is wearing a new top or is getting ready for a function, just reminds her of how beautiful she is, how beautiful she looks to you especially.

10.) Tell her you love her often.

It does not get any simpler than this, just say this often and see her heart melt like hot caramel with chocolate on ice cream.

Hope this works out for you; let us know in the comments below!


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