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How To Annoy Your Sister? Here Are The 10 Ways To Accomplish The Goal

Date: 2018-12-14 12:25:50

By Ritika

Sisters are those creatures that God gifts us for free, to keep us entertained for our whole life. Whether it is stealing her phone and reading her texts or blackmailing her with her secrets, the little siblings can do so many things and the fun would never stop.

Didi, mujhe maaro mat! This sentence would always make our sister cringe because she knew that even though she hasn't touched you, she was going to get scolded. Here are some ways how to annoy your sister even more. Hahaha (evil laugh)

1. Repeat everything they say in an annoying voice


Whenever they come to your room or wherever you are sitting, just start repeating whatever they say in a high-pitched, annoying voice. "What are you doing?", "What are you doing?" She might ignore it for a while but it will surely annoy her a lot after some time.

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2. Change her phone contacts


Okay, risk ahead. Change her best friend's mobile number in her phone to someone else's. Or maybe replace her boyfriend's name with your mom's. Dayummmm, that's going to be fun!

3. Click them while in the 'moment'


Sisters are just obsessed with getting good pictures clicked of them, so you do that. Except, good means something else to you. Click them while they are picking their nose or make a video while they are snoring and blackmail them for the rest of their lives.

4. Call dibs on everything


Yes, literally everything. From food to riding shotgun to getting the remote to everything in the world, don't let her do anything first... but your work.

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5. Hide her makeup


If your sister is a makeup enthusiast, you're lucky. You can hide her makeup essentials and when she wakes up the next morning to get ready... guess who is going to get super annoyed?

6. Start telling her friends about her darkest secrets


You've seen her since you were born so now you obviously know more embarrassing details about her than anyone else. Start telling her friends about some of those details and when she starts to get annoyed, blackmail her in turn!

7. Tell your parents about her things that never happened


Tell your mom and dad things about your sister that never happened or she never did and basically, take care.

8. Follow her around everywhere she goes


Become a legit stalker and keep following her until she gets annoyed with her brains out.


9. Turn off the geyser


If you're lucky enough to have the geyser switch outside the washroom, when she turns it on and goes inside to have a shower... quietly and quickly turn it off and get ready for the screams.

10. Keep calling their name until they scream


Keep nagging them by calling out their name continuously till they scream and ask WHAT? And then just be like, nothing, hi!

Thank you to all the sisters out there, we are grateful for you and the only source of entertainment in our lives.


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