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50+ School Memories We All Miss.

Date: 2020-10-18 15:38:11

By Ratika

I talked to my school friend today after so many months, after sharing the whereabouts of our regular schedule we popped onto the school days which we miss so much. Those days are still treasured in the box of miracles, where whenever we are sad, we talk about those funny and embarrassing moments from school life to make our aching heart lite.
In life, there is just nothing that can be compared to school friends, school life and most importantly are valuable teachers. So, I did refresh my brain while thinking about the nostalgic moments which every student encounters.

Here I am listing some for you so that you can also take down a trip of those school memories which you spent with your friends in school.

  1. The long Gooooooood Moooorningggg teaaaaacheerrrr was the best part.
  2. Covering textbooks in white/brown paper covers before the start of the next session.
  3. New school stuff, new pencil, rubber, and lunchbox. I miss these school memories.
  4. Reaching the bus stop in the morning just seconds before it leaves.
  5. Scribble day - When your school uniform was covered with curse words, beautiful memories.
  6. Hiding in the washroom to bunk the Math's class. Still, you don't know how you did it, but you did it.
  7. school memories

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  8. Hiding inside the library to not attend morning prayers.
  9. Ringing the school bell and running before getting busted.
  10. When late and getting inside the class from the back door was the most nervous moment but it was satisfying.
  11. That one arm distance in games period and assembly.
  12. Those 30 minutes were well spent in the canteen. That Pakodas though!
  13. Failed but did not felt bad because the whole class got collapsed in that subject.
  14. school memories

  15. Pretending that we are listening in class, but actually we are not.
  16. Book cricket, Foil Football in recess was memorable.
  17. Waiting for the first toilet bomb explosion during Diwali festivals.
  18. Library period was for all the Gupshups (chit chat) and teachers bitching.
  19. Even the Drawing period too was for the loud giggles.
  20. Bunking classes on the pretext annual day celebration were fun.
  21. school memories

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  22. That process of asking for some money from parents in the name of extra-curriculum activity was tough.
  23. Social Studies class you miss because? Sleeping!
  24. Republic Day, Sports Day, Annual Day, and Independence Day were cool because 2-3 days go in their preparation, which meant no boring classes.
  25. Informal clothes on your birthday.
  26. Hiding the duster so that teacher could not rub the board.
  27. That feeling of assistant when a teacher told you to take copies to the staffroom.
  28. school memories

  29. Bidding farewell to the 12thies.
  30. Collecting money from our classmates to give a party to 12th Student's farewell.
  31. Cleaning the white PT shoes with chalks.
  32. Making loudspeakers with paper to annoy friends.
  33. Annoying the monitor of the class.
  34. The notebook where we divided History with Civics with folded triangle sheet.
  35. school memories


  36. Maths teacher making a list of the most talkative students on the blackboard.
  37. School taking students to the science museum.
  38. Doing holiday homework during 2 months summer break.
  39. Locking all the teachers inside the staffroom.
  40. Duster fights - The World War 3.
  41. 2 games classes back to back were heaven forever.
  42. school memories

  43. Requesting parents to sign the report card felt like we are politicians asking for one more chance.
  44. A change from pencil to Gel pens was the next level of excitement.
  45. Katti- anybody remembers how many times you did with your friends?
  46. Mass bunk - When all the classmates surprisingly agreed to it.
  47. school memories

  48. Class Monitor - lover of teachers, the enemy of every classmate.
  49. Made 10/100 to 70/100?
  50. PTM, did I need to say more?
  51. Prayer - when most of the time you prayed to not get the front seat during exams.
  52. Slambook - that holds lots of secrets of your friends.
  53. Maggi excitement, anyone?
  54. That sadness when the first lecture was of Geography.
  55. school memories

  56. Washroom walls, which were mostly covered with all the wrong numbers.
  57. Zero period - where we did all our pending homework.
  58. Copied your friends roll number in the flow of copying the whole answer sheet?

Best days for our life.


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