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11 Fantasy Women Think About But Never Tells.

Date: 2019-08-31 12:12:50

By Mansha

Have you ever thought, what women do at nights when they say, we can't sleep? No, they are not watching silly shows or listening to music. Chances are they fantasizing about their future and dreaming about the things, which matters to them the most.

Those pillows up above the head and smiling like an idiot is a sign that she is thinking about her fantasies. Those lost walks under the rain and smile stuck like a piece of gum on the face is also the sign, she is dreaming about something and today, we have come with those things that girls fantasize about.

Here are these common fantasy women fantasize about but never shows:

The one with the dream wedding:

There is a say, "a girl decides about her wedding preparations, outfit, jewelry and everything related to it once she gets to know the meaning of the wedding" and that is true because she fantasizes about, how her future wedding would be with all those things that she needs in her wedding.


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Her first night with hubby:

This may sound cheesy, but she dreams of her "first-night" outfit to make him go crazy and having the best night of her life with a person, who means the most to her. And, she dreams about the action too (wink-wink).


Dating our girlfriends:

Because why not? They know us better than anyone in this world and the love, which we share with our girls, is so genuine and pure. Every girl fantasizes about, living with their girl best friend for a lifetime without any drama and relationship issues.


Dirty thoughts:

We talk dirty with our girlfriends and we dream of a situation with our boyfriend or a husband with whom; we can do all those stuff practically.


That best O:

Okay, this is too private and cheesy, but we do fantasize about him being great at the bed and giving us our best O. SHIVER TO THE SPINE.


Dates with the crushes:

We all have crushes and if we can't have them, then it doesn't mean, we can't dream about having them. So, we fantasize about going on dates with them as a couple and doing all those kinky stuff.


Being the celebrity:

We dream about being on the biggest stage and receiving an award for our dream job. We know it is silly, but dreams do come true.


Dominating him sexually:

We too have our wild fantasies, so we try to fulfill them by dreaming about dominating him sexually.


Stripping for only him:

Doing a sexy stripping show for only those two eyes and watching him going mad for having us. Yes, as much as you love watching it, we love to give you the best show.


Getting dominated:

Because it goes both ways, if we want to dominate him, we would love to get one in return because who doesn't like all the attention when it comes to love.


Hot sessions in public:

This is wild but true. We do fantasize about getting intimate in public with our lover. Maybe on a beach or a yacht.


Don't get your expectations high guys because these fantasies would always be hidden and count yourself lucky if your girl tells you about her fantasies.

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