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This Is How You Can Take Care Of Your Gadgets. Thank Us Later!

Date: 2019-07-13 11:03:26

By TabloidXO

Gadgets nowadays are a part of the daily routine; you cannot expect your lives without them. We know how we take care of our gadgets when we purchase it for the first time and how we cared it for first initial days. So for those who love their gadgets, here we have the best of 11 hacks to do the favor for your baby, gadget. Considering we're always either on your phones or laptop in working on computers or using iPads, we, the millennials need this more than anything, right?

Thank me later!

1. Download YouTube videos without caring about the virus issue.

The hack is to type 'ss' before the 'Youtube' part of a video's URL address to not only get that video on your phone but also get the same quality of it on your phone. No more hassling to find downloaders to do it for you and risk the virus.

For example, www.youtube.com, add www.ssyoutube.com and there you go!

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2. Manage apps to free up space.

More space means more smooth working of the gadgets. Uninstall the apps you don't use anymore or clear the cache in application settings to remove temporary files. This will take care of the smooth functioning and speed of your electronics.

3. Be friends with Siri and Alexa.

There are times when there is a monsoon season your hands get wet and it becomes difficult to use your mobile screens, so to help you out in these wetty situations, your "Hey Siri" or "Okay Google" won't harm your device.

4. Storage of DSLR cameras.

Store these cameras in cool places to avoid any kind of malfunctions. Take out its components and place them in their covers respectively for separate protection. Remember not to bring the camera near any magnetic source as it can damage the internal system.


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5. Unplug gadgets during heavy rains.

Avoid plugging during the rains as high voltage can cause gadget failure due to lightning. Microwave and TV are not meant to withstand heavy power fluctuations hence it's better you put them off till the sun comes over!

6. Use silica gel packs.

To keep the moisture out of electronics unused since a long time, use silica gel packs, a substance with a microporous structure that absorbs moisture and humidity. It is an added level of security and protection.

7. Uncooked rice to dry wet phones.

Keeping your wet phone in a bowl of uncooked rice is the best way to get rid of wetness as it absorbs it all. Androids do, not sure about the iPhones as well.


8. Keep your cables well folded.

Fold your device wires in an organized way to prevent the wires from any wear and tear. You can use cable protectors online if you want to protect your wires from the two ends.



9. Not to use compressed air.

People think it to be an effective idea, but dare not use that! It'll just end up soiling your electronics for no good reason. It can cause flammable situations, even sparking fires to your gadgets.


10. Use cover bags for laptops.

You find trendy and chic cover bags for laptop nowadays to suit your style, hence use them to take care of your gadgets from free falling and dust.


11. Make sure you shut them up after using.

Your gadgets when not shut for a long time can become tedious in themselves. Proper usage and maintenance can make them last longer! Hence remember to shut them properly everytime you're done using.


Taking care of your gadgets should be your responsibility and to do so , these cool hacks will help you make it an easy job!


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